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  • Okay, one of my favorite awesome scenes is from "A Time To Kill," by David Weber. It's not the scene where the Bolos kill the Melconian world. It's not the scene where the Bolo reactivates itself, after self-repairing for over seventy years. It's not the scene where Shiva introduces himself to Jackson,as that would more go under the "Funny," entry. And it is certainly not any of the fighting that they do. Rather, it is the fact that the Bolo decides to declare the Final War well and truly over, and that, quite simply, "It was Time." (for Peace.) For such a superstrong soldier of humanity, to simply... stop and help found a lasting peace is simply amazing.
    Shiva: Let me be the final warrior of the Final War... and let that war end here.
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  • "For the Honor of the Regiment." -Field Test, by Keith Laumer.
  • Miles to Go builds to the usual awesome of the resident Bolo and its commander making a Heroic Sacrifice for the local colony, but one of the side characters also gets a moment. Early on we're introduced to the ageing farmer Lorenco Estaban, who for various reasons found himself placed in charge of the Santa Cruz military spaceport after the higher ups forgot about the place and the actual navy officers died of old age. When an army of mercenaries descends with the intention of wiping out the colony his immediate response is to duck into his house, trigger a hidden button and reveal that while he never had the time to maintain the spaceport as well as he'd like, he's always made sure its battery of Nuclear anti-ship missiles work just fine.Surprise!.