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  • Portnoy's No-Holds-Barred Beatdown when Hodge Podge starts singing "Don't Worry, Be Happy."
  • Opus gets convinced to partake in a wrestling match by his girlfriend (a No Celebrities Were Harmed version of Cyndi Lauper), and despite being an amateur, he manages to pin down his opponent, who's two times his size - while he's still reading a How-To book.
  • Milo and Opus standing up to radical conservatives who attempt to take over the Bloom Beacon (even if it's All Just a Dream).
  • The Outland arc where Opus and Bill save Opus's mother from SeaWorld.
  • The entire Calvin and Hobbes crossover.
  • Deathtongue (later Billy and the Boingers) was an attempt by Steve Dallas to cash in on the glam metal craze. It actually works out extremely well due to Bill the Cat being the kind of brain dead drugged out genius that makes such experiences go well. It's also Steve Dallas who provides the vocals and the story was well-received enough that an album (with two songs) was released in RL.
  • Bloom County has a pretty successful career with music as they put on their own version of the US Festival, which is a surprising accomplishment for a bunch of adolescents and talking animals. David Lee Roth even performs at the location.
  • The Meadow Party may only be a bunch of local yokels in the Bloom County area but they're apparently successful enough that they're invited to Republican AND Democratic National Conventions.
  • Opus' Hollywood Dateless status is notably averted by the long time relationship he had with Lola Granola, a beautiful Granola Girl that he even managed to be married to for a minute.
  • Milo Bloom might not be the most ethical man but as a newspaper editor and political thinker, he managed to almost steal millions and the US election for President a couple of times. Not bad for an adolescent from the middle of nowhere.
  • Oliver Wendell Jones made a nuclear bomb for his science fair by getting the radioactive material from a thousand glow in the dark watches.