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  • Sydney making up a plan to deal with Laurel and stop her bullying Jill. She gets a friend to switch Laurel's shampoo with one that's filled with an Alchemist formula that makes Laurel's hair oily for quite a while. She then makes sure that her friends tell Laurel that Sydney can help her fix her hair and then tells Laurel in exchange for that, she'll have to leave Jill alone or Sydney might do something even worse.
    Laurel: You know, you can be scary as hell sometimes.
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  • Sydney busting the tattooists and Keith and turning them in to the Alchemists, making sure that Keith finally gets some of what he deserves.
  • Sydney standing up to Abe and telling him that she doesn't owe him anything anymore as she has already repaid him a hundred times over.
  • Shy little Jill bursting through the door and looking like she's ready to fight someone. She then uses her power to control water by shaping the water into a club, runs towards one of the Strigoi and attacks her twice with it. Then she dodges the Strigoi's attack and backs away to let Eddie kill her.
  • Though it was unintentional and Sydney only meant to distract the Strigoi, her actually managing to use some sort of innate magic to set the Strigoi on fire is still awesome.

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