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  • Ye Ren gets a few if these:
    • Just standing in the way of a high-ranking Shengdi with no weapons while the enemy has a scythe/lace hybrid weapon seems awesome enough.
    • Then when he gets his vampire powers, he catches Posui Nangua's energy arrow that was a split second away from hitting Lilo's eye while being meters away when he saw it.
    • Another comes for him as he finally gets his own powers after a golem comes down that nearly kills him and Lilo. After getting onto the edge of the Despair Event Horizon, he snaps himself back and suddenly creates his own magical weapons from his fingertips, a cannon and a crossbow. When used at their potential, they create a large black hole to consume the creature into nothingness. It soon leads to Lilo getting her Mid-Season Upgrade with the Chariot for her next battle's CMOA. Looks like all his work of suffering in withholding his humanity is now paying off.
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  • Hui Zhe gets one in the first few chapters, taking out an entire gang all by himself.
  • Any chapter where we see Lilo in action, whether it's a bunch of clergy Mooks or a high-experienced nun, she doesn't always sit in the middle of a battle.
    • Her biggest comes from a recent chapter. After getting surrounded by a thick wall of shielded Shengdi soldiers woth no place to run, it looks hopeless to the duo. However, anyone who didn't realize the vampire girl's Mid-Season Upgrade would be shocked as she walks up to the shield like it's nothing. Then takes out her new BFS, hidden magically packed in her elbow armor, and instantly cuts through the whole line of shielded troops. Now she's definitely a vampire you DON'T want to mess with.
  • Ling Can definitely gets her moment. After being knocked off her airship by her own superior, she uses a hammer's built-in Wave-Motion Gun to shoot herself back up.