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Awesome / Blade II

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"I-ya, I against I, flesh of my flesh and mind of my mind..."

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Love or hate Scud, the reveal of him being The Mole was awesome.
  • "Can you blush?" Bad idea.
  • This:
    Blade: Two things: One, I've been onto you since they turned you. And two... it's not a dud.
  • Short-lived as it was, Blade working with the Blood Pack was awesome. Their epic slow walk with Massive Attack's "I Against I" playing in the background remains one of the most memorable scenes in the trilogy.
  • Nomak gets one by pulling a No-Sell on the EDT drug(the chemical concoction that made the vamps blow up in the first one), only showing discomfort for a second before recovering.
  • Reinhardt says its too easy now and points his Laser Sight at Blade. Then Chupa points to Reinhardt's chest, where Blade's Laser Sight is at. Blade then gives him a Cheshire Cat Grin.
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  • Reinhardt gets his own moment of awesome when he manages to not only subdue a reaper with his guns, but also being able to keep it at bay for him to torture.
  • Whistler, being attacked and beaten by Chupa, Reinhardt's friend, sets off the Reaper pheromone in the sewers. Looking through the scope given, he sees dozens of them crawling down the wall behind him, where they proceed to tear him apart, allowing Whistler time to escape.
  • "You. Do Not. Know. Who. You. Are. FUCKING. WITH!"
  • Whistler rescuing Blade from capture after escaping from his cell.
  • Blade's spectacular one man battle against the entirety of Damoskinos security team to Crystal Method's "Calling All Freaks"after he's given a power up by Damoskinos blood pool.
  • And Nomak gets another by killing the rest of the security team
  • Nyssa drops her pureblood family ring in her dying fathers pool of blood and steps away when he reaches for her, rejecting him for his actions.
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  • The final fight between Blade and Nomak.
  • Nyssa's Establishing Character Moment has her dueling evenly with Blade for about two minutes with katanas.
  • Though he only has a short amount of screentime, Snowman displays his swordsmanship skills against a reaper in a stunningly skilled and eyecatching fashion, finishing in using his katana to pin the reaper to a wall, with the reaper having to vertically rip through its own body in a gruesome manner just to run away, knowing that it is outmatched.