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  • When the Klads set up a sick game to bully Lidusis, Rood turned it around all by himself before beating the crap out of them without using magic.
  • In Ishuella, he easily curbstomps every demon he comes across. Then, he takes down Professor Heil with minimal effort.
  • When Helios is attacked, Blow demonstrates just why 1st class magicians are so feared, performing magic on a scale lower rank magicians cannot hope to match.


  • Dio taking his revenge on Heil for throwing him off the cliff. He shows up as a dragon, scaring everyone, and chomps up the guy who tried to kill him.
  • When Dio needed to clear the sky to talk to Blow privately, he effortlessly blasted Shicmuon, Master, and Mikelcargo. And he was holding back so he wouldn't kill them.


  • Only two magicians have been shown to be capable of restraining this guy: Blow, who's one of the strongest characters, and Lanoste, who can cancel his awakening.
  • When Helios was attacked and his awakening was sealed, he goes out anyway. The demons that try to grab him are dragged.

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