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Awesome / Black Cat (Marvel Comics)

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Volume 1

  • Felicia using her bad luck powers to counter Xander's magic in issue #3.
  • Issue #11 has Felicia breaking into Stark Industries and creating a Black Cat-based suit of Powered Armor using Tony Stark's nanoforge.

Volume 2

  • Issue #2 is a crossover with King in Black in which Felicia and her crew save Dr. Strange from Knull's prison.
  • In Issue #3, Felicia has tapped into the power of an Asgardian tree branch in order to fight off Knull's symbiote creatures. The branch tries to tempt Felicia by offering to make her heart's desire a reality; the death of all her enemies, all the treasures of the world and every lover she has ever had returned to her. However, the third one is what ends up snapping Felicia back to her senses as she refuses to use magic to make someone else love her. Even Dr. Strange is impressed by her.
  • The Black Fox makes a deal with the the Gilded Saint; in exchange for eternal life for himself and Felicia, the Saint is given the deed to Manhattan. Felicia, who was not aware that this was the Fox's true goal, turns on him and renders the deal void by tricking the Gilded Saint into thinking the Fox has betrayed him. It's also another great showing of Felicia's morality.