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"You can be way more!"

Big Hero 6 continues Disney's win streak of powerful entertainment for the entire family. Here are some reasons that show just why.

Moment Subpages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.


  • The tech in general is pretty awesome — not only does it look fantastic but it's actually based upon real scientific research and principles. GoGo's bike is magnetic levitation that is most commonly used in trains, but also has real applications for wheeled vehicles and hoverboards. Wasabi's laser induced plasma as well as Honey Lemon's "chemical metal embrittlement" are both very real physics and chemistry based concepts (albeit less exaggerated). Fred's suit, while "not science", is based upon Kaiju Big Battel, while his super jump is based upon spring loaded stilts ("powerbocking") and a wearable flamethrower. And of course, Baymax is an inflatable vinyl robot developed by Carnegie Mellon. It's one of the few times an animated science fiction film has been based upon real scientific discoveries and future technology.
    • Not just demonstrating the tech but celebrating technology, artistic creativity, and ingenuity in general. The heroes are geeks/nerds who revel in their creations for the joy of creating and the potential good that their creations can give to society. The movie also shows that technology itself is not good or bad; it simply is and it is humans that can use it for good and bad — as exemplified by Baymax.
  • Fred making the logical, if erroneous, deduction that Alistair Krei was Yokai. For what it's worth, he did have means, motive and opportunity.
  • Hiro in the bot battle. He loses at first (to make Yama raise the betting) and then goes into the second round and easily defeats Yama's bot while sitting there with a straight face.
    • It's also partially a Funny Moment, because it's clear that Hiro is adopting a ridiculously blank expression in order to keep himself from laughing.
  • The team's armor:
    • Baymax can fly and shoot rocket fists, as well as having his life sign scanners enhanced tenfold (and possibly moreso than that). Hiro creates a chip that gives him karate skills!
    • GoGo can skate at super speeds and even along walls using her maglev discs, which can also double as weapons which she can fling at her opponents.
    • Fred can "breathe" fire and perform "Super Jumps".
    • Honey can use her purse to create "Chem-balls," spheres of any chemical combination she can come up with to face any and all situations: bombs, smokescreens, glue, shields, etc. She can also rig the purse to overload and set off the whole arsenal as a last resort.
    • Wasabi's made use of his plasma cutting technology to fit his suit with plasma blades, which he can use in tandem with his martial arts skill.
    • Hiro's armor, on the other hand, only allows him to ride on Baymax's back.
      • Both it and Hiro himself get more awesome in Battle in the Bay, though; it's shown that Hiro's fighting technique in his suit without Baymax is hand-to-hand (against robots built to fight) with some little boosts from his gloves, which are also shown to be able to generate powerful bursts of magnetic push and pull that can damage bots quite badly in their own right.
      • Hiro's armor also has a built in radio for communication, which allows him to communicate with the rest of the team, which is pretty important in the final battle.
  • Hiro presenting his microbots at the student expo. Though he's pretty nervous and awkward at the beginning of his presentation, he becomes more confident as he demonstrates to the audience what the microbots can do — which is basically anything you can imagine. He even makes them bow with him at the end!
    • It gets better; some of Hiro's lines paraphrase none other than Walt Disney himself. "If you can dream it, you/the microbots can do it."
  • GoGo is pretty awesome in general. She is the only one able to provide a real challenge for Yokai.
    • Notably, during their initial skirmish; she's the first one to successfully land a direct blow to Yokai's mask.
    • When Hiro goes rogue she's the first to attempt stopping Baymax from killing Yokai; by slamming herself into him as the others catch up. She then proceeds to talk Hiro down.
      "We said we'd catch the guy. That's it."
  • May be counting as Villainous Awesome, but Baymax fighting with only his Destroy chip trying to kill Callaghan and Hiro remains calm yet ANGRY throughout the whole scene...they're both just so powerful in that scene!
  • Honey Lemon, in the chaos of Baymax entering kill-mode, being the one to find and get Baymax's medical chip back in place just as he levels what could've been a direct killing blow.
    • In the junior novelization, Honey tossed the chip over to GoGo, who zooms over to Baymax and puts the chip back in his access port.
  • In relation to the ones above, just how fast the team responded to Baymax's rampage. Consider that they were probably just as stunned as Hiro about Yokai's identity, followed quickly by seeing Hiro turn homicidal, and THEN seeing Baymax turn into an unstoppable Juggernaut. But they still didn't hesitate for a second in trying to stop Baymax, even knowing Callaghan may be responsible for Tadashi's death.
  • As deluded as he is, Yokai/Callaghan wants to make it very clear to Krei he's not fooling around.
    Yokai/Callaghan: I want my daughter BACK!
    • Even Yokai's entrance in that scene is incredible. Thousands of microbots swarm over the building before Callaghan swoops down on Krei. Scary? Yes. Equally awesome? Definitely.
  • The introductory scenes of the other four members of the titular team:
    • GoGo reveals her usage of maglev technology adapted on a bicycle, and demonstrates her natural ability to throw flat circular objects.
    • Wasabi creates a laser-induced plasma that slices a whole apple into slices so paper-thin that they drift like leaves. Heck, his organization of his workspace is pretty impressive.
    • Honey Lemon creates a chemical embrittlement agent that made 400 pounds of tungsten carbide disintegrate. At the same time, she shows her impressive knowledge of chemistry.
    • Even though Fred didn't invent anything like his friends, he is shown to be a pretty awesome sign spinner!
  • GoGo taking charge of Wasabi's car while the gang is chased by the masked villain.
  • Hiro and Baymax soaring through San Fransokyo as Hiro tests Baymax's flight program.
    • Additionally, the fact that Baymax takes Hiro flying as a form of rollercoaster therapy for his personal grief. Couple this with the fact that Baymax represents Tadashi's spiritual presence and the scene is incredibly poignant as well.
  • Hiro and Baymax are about to fly into the Portal to rescue Abigail and Hiro asks Baymax if he's ready. Baymax earnestly responds, "Flying makes me a better health care companion".
  • GoGo, Wasabi, Honey, Fred and Baymax evading the microbots' clutches after Hiro tells them to see this from a different angle, just like how Tadashi inspired him earlier.
    • GoGo gets encased in a shell made of microbots to limit her mobility and pulverize her. She spins in place with her wheel blades, cutting the shell and breaking free.
    • Wasabi gets caught between two slabs pushed by microbots about to be crushed. He cuts open the floor beneath him and drops through the opening, to evade the oncoming slabs.
    • Honey gets cornered and attempts to shield herself by covering herself in a protective bubble that limits her vision and increases the danger of getting impaled by the microbots. She prepares a glue-like compound, waits for the precise moment of the next attack, and grabs the spike as it withdraws to get back into the fight.
    • Fred's limbs are seized by the microbots, which start to slowly pull his suit apart. Realizing that it's the arms of the suit that are caught, he uses his own hands to get debris surrounding him to break free using his "School Mascot" sign spinning moves.
    • Baymax gets engulfed by microbots covering every part of him while watching Hiro get sucked up by the Portal. He blasts an opening with his rocket-fist, and follows it out before the 'bots can respond.
  • After that, the whole team gets it together and regroups for a combined Heroic Second Wind and finally show off what they can do as a unit, by approaching the entire battle from a different angle: Instead of taking away Callaghan's mask, they focus on destroying his microbot constructs by getting them sucked into the portal. So when the time comes for Callaghan to throw a wave of microbots at Hiro and Baymax…there's nothing he can do but point his fingers.
  • Bonus points to Wasabi for figuring out how to use the unstable gravity from the Portal to his advantage.
  • After trying to kill Callaghan with Baymax, Hiro finally comes around to agree with Baymax's protocol.
  • Baymax's Heroic Sacrifice. After losing most of his power suit, he diverts the last of his power to the rocket fist, knowing very well it will leave him trapped in the other dimension.
  • Tadashi doing 84 tests on making Baymax work. The rest of us would've thrown in the towel after 10 times or less.
  • Entering what appears to be this world's version of Hyperspace. Both awesome in scope and beauty, and equally terrifying in its sheer emptiness.
  • Stan Lee makes a cameo in The Stinger.
    • Even better? Not only is he Fred's father, he's also a secret superhero!
  • Tadashi saving Hiro from getting beat up by Yama's goons.
  • The animation. Disney is always looking to one-up themselves. With Tangled it was hair. With Frozen (2013) it was ice. With Big Hero 6, they worked with morphing and smoke effects.
  • Honey Lemon is obviously pretty brilliant, seriously. Her gear allows her to create balls with chemicals in the with any effect she wants, by pressing buttons for different chemicals and elements on her purse. That means Honey is smart enough and knows enough about chemistry to be able to think of all these formulas off the top of her head, in the middle of battle. Beautiful, kind, and a genius.
    • Even more impressive, at least twice during combat, Honey Lemon programs her chemical armaments purse without looking at the keyboard! She enters precise chemical formulas under the previously mentioned extreme circumstances by memory and touch!
    • Bruce Wayne should be taking lessons from this woman.


  • For starters let's just say the fact that the film is being made at all is pretty damn awesome. Disney and Marvel teamed up to give a little-known comic a chance to shine. For everyone who thought they'd go back to major, well-known properties after Guardians of the Galaxy this film is just more proof in the unshakable faith Marvel has in its characters.
    • Bonus points. This movie is based on a comic that promoted Japanese stereotypes and as such, is not fondly regarded by the Japanese. This movie on the other hand diversified the cast, toned down the stereotypes and won the respect and adoration of the Japanese.
  • The fact that this movie both empowers nerds and presents the rest of the world with an awesome image of them.
    • Not just nerds but female nerds. Honey Lemon and Gogo are among the first, if not the first, female Disney characters to be role models for girls in scientific fields.
    • Gogo is of Korean descent and has been deliberately designed with a body type that Korean girls in real life will go to great lengths (sometimes harmful lengths) to avoid because it's not traditionally attractive. Is Gogo portrayed as unattractive or caring about her looks? No way. Critics praise this move, saying that Gogo is an inspiration to Korean girls everywhere.
  • DESERVES mentioning: Disney for the first time (and hopefully not the last) stepping outside their comfort zone to team up with future humanist organization XPRIZE to inspire real life kid and teen geniuses to come up with ideas to save the world through science, art and technology. There's viral marketing and then there's viral philanthropy.
  • For some reason, this concept art is pretty epic.
  • During its opening weekend in November 2014, the film topped the domestic box office, beating the highly anticipated Christopher Nolan movie, Interstellar to the surprise of many film analysts and professionals who had predicted Nolan's film would come out on top. Not only that, it's the second of Marvel's most obscure properties to hit it big in the box office (the first being Guardians).
  • This concept art shows a young Tadashi and Hiro building a hovercraft. Out of scraps and garbage.
  • Its release in Japan was met with a glowing reception. It managed to open with a strong opening box office weekend total, despite opening in 2nd place, with first place going to The Movie of Yo Kai Watch. A couple of weeks later BH6 topped the New Years Box office. Despite the setting change from Tokyo to a fictional mish-mash of American and Japanese cultures called San Fransokyo, reviews found that BH6 captured the spirit of Japan without the Cultural Cringe.
    • Due to the marketing focusing more on the emotional parts of the film, Japanese film goers were taken by surprise by the film being more action-oriented than advertised — and judging by their reactions they're very pleased with it.
  • Despite getting snubbed at some of the earlier awards like the Golden Globes and the Annies, Big Hero 6 at least got some compensation by sweeping the Visual Effects Society, but eventually, it took home the top prize for Best Animated Feature at the Oscars! This is the second win in a row for the famed Disney Animation Studios after taking home their first animated Oscar without Pixar's involvement (Frozen (2013)) and for Marvel fans, this would actually technically count as Marvel's first ever Oscar win! If only Marvel haven't distanced themselves from this film, they would have been very proud!
    • This post from Disney Animation themselves celebrates the win.
  • BH6, amid some exceptionally strong competition, eventually won the Kids Choice Award for the best animated film of the year. What makes it even more awesome is that the Kids Choice Awards are organized by a rival company, and one of the other nominees was The Spongebob Movie Sponge Out Of Water, a film based on a TV show owned by said rival company, which almost always wins Best Animated Show, and unlike in 2014 the winning film wasn't an inescapable pop cultural juggernaut.
  • This deleted storyboard of Tadashi giving an epic Death Glare to some boys bullying Hiro.
  • A television series based on the film is set to air on 2017. The best part? It will be a sequel to the movie!
    • And to the surprise of everyone, most of the voice actors will be returning, including Scott Adsit as Baymax!
  • B-roll footage reveals that Baymax's distorted speech in low power mode was not digitally edited, at least not anymore than Baymax's normal speech is — it was done entirely through Scott Adsit's acting. As Baymax spends every other moment in the film speaking in a kind monotone, a voice acting job which is probably challenging but not particularly impressive, it's nice to have that moment that proves Adsit can cartoon it up with the best of them.
  • San Fransokyo is gonna be a world in Kingdom Hearts III, with a plot that's entirely original!


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