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Awesome / Beyond the Western Sea

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  • Fred both ensures Laurence's escape and gets revenge on Toggs by dropping a boulder in his boat. "Huzzah for them as has no names!"
  • Maura slaps Toggs for punching Mr. Drabble, after she calls him a brute and a liar. Then she says he'll get another slap if he doesn't leave, and Toggs actually turns and runs.
  • When Maura and Laurence see that Patrick has fainted in the burning boardinghouse, both run forward. People block Maura, but shorter Laurence makes his way inside and drags Patrick out.
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  • Laurence, after realizing that Clemspool locked him in a fourth floor hotel room, uses the curtain to climb out the window.
  • Patrick's insistence on keeping his promise to Laurence, despite Maura and Mr. Drabble protesting that stowaways are illegal.
  • Mr. Grout's final scene with Clemspool. "I'm sick of your persnickety precisely points!"
  • When Drabble introduces Grout to Laurence, Grout mistakes him for a ghost and Laurence beats him up for stealing his father's money. Though Grout isn't badly hurt (Laurence is only 11), it's still pretty awesome.

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