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"I am a Warrior. Let the battle be joined."

Awesome moments in Beast Wars.

  • "Code Of Hero" is often regarded as not only a highlight of the series, but also one of the crowning achievements of the Transformers franchise overall—and it all rests on Dinobot's shoulders. While it's better to watch the episode for yourself, in short, Dinobot aims to mitigate his actions in "Maximal No More" and, well... let's just say his Character Development and badass qualities hit maximum levels as a result:
    Dinobot: The question that once haunted my being has been answered. The future is not fixed, and my choices are my own. And yet, how ironic... for now I find I have no choice at all. I am a warrior... let the battle be joined.
    • And goes to face SIX Predacons and came out victorious. Yes, Dinobot faced all six Predacons (seven, counting a short battle with Tarantulas earlier), and WON. Even if he DID die, that's still pretty darn impressive for ONE bot.
    • He uses Inferno as a shield and uses him to take out Blackarachina. Then he Goomba Stomps Waspinator and shoves him into Rampage's turret.
    • Quickstrike gets the drop on Dinobot, and he tries to fight back with his Eye Beams, but has expended so much energy he can't use them. Quickstrike gets especially smug thinking Dinobot is helpless, and Dinobot in response beats him into the ground with his bare hands.
      Quickstrike: What's a warrior without weapons, huh?
      Dinobot: A warrior STILL!
    • Then he overrides stasis lock. This puts his very spark at risk. That is how determined he is to stop Megatron and redeem himself.
      Dinobot: Override.
      Dinobot: OVERRIDE!
      Computer: ...ACKNOWLEDGED.
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    • Finally, Megatron decides to face Dinobot himself, and still doesn't see him as a threat. He uses a human as a hostage to keep Dinobot from attacking him, mocking him as being weakened by Maximal compassion. Dinobot manages to get close and attacks him with a stick, but Megatron shrugs it off and smacks him away, gloating about Dinobot being So Last Season. "What can you possibly do?" Dinobot's response? "Improvise." Cue him impaling the stick on a big rock and using it as a makeshift hammer to bludgeon Megatron, causing him to drop the remaining Golden Disc, which Dinobot grabs and, with the last of his energy, blasts to pieces. Megatron still has some fight left in him, but by then the rest of the Maximals show up, forcing him to flee, his shot at wiping out the human race in one fell swoop foiled forever.
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    • Before the battle starts, Dinobot ambushed Tarantulas in the middle of one of his meals and used him as a makeshift motorcycle to reach the Predacons. How did he do this? For the first, he identified the base on "the stench of his perversion" (i.e. eating biologicals For the Evulz). For the second, he chokes the spider and puts a gun to his head.
      Tarantulas: You'll pay for this, lizard!
      Dinobot: Shut up and accelerate!
      • As the battle begins, he takes his eyes off Tarantulas and he gets blindsided, leading to this exchange.
    Tarantulas: Shouldn't take your eyes off a spider, they tend to be venomous (Evil Laugh)
    Dinobot: But they still squash. (Fires his Eye Beams at a rock, causing it to drop on Tarantulas and crush him)
    • The primitive humans Dinobot saved even get a moment. At the start of the episode, we see two of them get attacked and presumably eaten by a giant snake. At the end of the episode, the same snake is seen attacking a human who picked up the makeshift hammer Dinobot used to bludgeon Megatron. The human sees the snake coming and hits in the head with said hammer, killing the snake instantly. Dinobot didn't just save the early humans, he inspired them to stop becoming helpless prey.
  • Dinobot is practically made of these:
    • In the second episode he fights Optimus to a draw.
    • In "Chain of Command" he engages Megatron in a knock down, drag out fight and wins.
    • In "Fallen Comrades", he is alone to defend the base and a stasis locked Optimus from Megatron, Scorponok, and Tarantulas while the rest of the Maximals are out to retrieve the protoform that would become Tigatron. Despite outnumbering Dinobot, Megatron initially offers to let him rejoin the Predacons as second in command in exchange for turning over the base. His response?
      Dinobot: (Evil Laugh) EAT SLAG!!! (blasts Megatron with his Eye Beams)
    • In "Double Jeopardy" he effortlessly thrashed Terrorsaur with his bare hands and later knocks out one of Megatron's teeth.
    • In "Double Dinobot" he not only defeats his clone in a self imposed fair fight (his clone had no robot mode so Dinobot engaged him in beast mode) he goes head to head with Megatron in a Beam-O-War despite fire power not being a particular asset to him.
    • In another episode he's shot in the back by Scorponok, but after a few seconds he gets up completely unharmed and blasts Scorponok into the horizon.
    • In "Call of the Wild" he takes Blackarachnia down in 2 seconds. While in beast mode.
      • He also curbstomps Tarantulas in the same episode, smiling and enjoying himself the whole time.
    • In "Coming of the Fuzors" he infiltrates the Predicted base alone and steals the golden discs. This involved not only taking out the automated defences but smashing Waspinator through a forcefield and fighting off Blackarachnia. She outright refuses Tarantulas' order to pursue him as she wasn't willing to risk getting destroyed by engaging him one one.
    • In "Maximal No More", he fights off the entire Predacon team and holds his sword to Megatron's throat just to make a point. He then bests Quickstrike one on one and later clashes evenly with Transmetal Megatron, giving him a quick "The Reason You Suck" Speech before being interrupted by the arrival of Optimus and Silverbolt.
      • During the one-on-one with Quickstrike, we get this exchange:
      Quickstrike: That all you got, partner?
      Dinobot: No. It isn't. (hits him with a sustained eye beam blast)
    • And of course, there's his aforementioned Dying Moment of Awesome in "Code Of Hero".
    • Seriously, there are "Trukk not Munky" fans who are willing to admit that Dinobot is awesome.
    • And what did all of what Dinobot did during his time in BW earn him? In 2010, the fans voted him into the inaugural charter class of the Transformers Hall of Fame that year, alongside luminaries as G1 Optimus Prime, G1 Bumblebee, G1 Megatron, and Starscream. Dinobot did the work to gain that high honor from the fans, and now does reside in a living version of Silicon Valhalla, which he mentioned in 'The Low Road'. Most impressive, indeed.
  • The fact Megatron had tamed Rampage, a juggernaut among juggernauts, and effortlessly has him in his service for the entirety of his presence on the show.
    • Exactly how he pulled it off is both sheer genius and Magnificent Bastard. He learns of Protoform X, and (through Silverbolt's conversations with Blackarachnia) discovers that it has an indestructible spark a la Starscream. He formulates a plan, times his actions perfectly, and the next thing the defeated X knows, he's in Megatron's lair and completely at his mercy...thanks to his ingenious and correct idea that an indestructible spark can be split, meaning he can keep part of that spark at his side at all times (in this case, inside a squeeze toy with energon teeth), ready to punish X, freshly renamed Rampage, for any transgression. Even when he later implanted this half-spark in Dinobot II, he made sure it was equipped with similar torture equipment to keep Rampage in line.
      Megatron (after "recruiting" Protoform X): Welcome to the Predacons, Rampage. You shall be an honored member... so long as you never forget one important fact about your new life: It's mine. Welcome, my new servant, yes. Welcome... TO THE BEAST WARS! (followed by an Evil Laugh)
    • One particularly awesome moment was in "Code of Hero", when Megatron orders Rampage to blow up a mountain. Rampage deploys his weaponry and aims at Megatron instead. Megatron just sneers, quiet as a mouse, and slowly taps his chest, as a visual reminder of how his spark is at his mercy. For a good long moment, Rampage silently fumes as he looks at Megatron through his crosshairs, enraged he can't wipe that sneer off of his face, before giving up and complying.
  • Ravage has three such moments:
  • Also in "The Agenda", the Maximals are holed up in the Axalon, their shields being pummeled by a vastly superior Predacon warship and Rampage. Rattrap finally gets sick of waiting, and everyone's favorite spy/demolitions expert/gunner/Jerk with a Heart of Gold then proceeds to drive off a convenient ramp made of debris, out of the ship and into the air. He lands on the enemy ship and tries to burn his way in with a futuristic welding torch...and when THAT fails, he transforms into a "stainless steel rat" and CHEWS his way through, just as Tarantulas is arming the ship's ludicrously oversized missile of death. He greets Tarantulas with "a pair of belly bombs with your name right on 'em and weep!" Tarantulas FREAKS OUT as he is blown up (he got better), and the 4+ million-year-old Decepticon warrior Ravage defiantly meets his end as he is caught in the blast. (He didn't get better...or did he?.) THEN, as the ship plummets out of control, Rattrap rides the giant missile a la Slim Pickins, and the ship stops it crashing just before it crushes Rampage. The Ax-Crazy Nigh-Invulnerable Predacon proceeds to laugh...until he realizes the missile is still armed, and it launches mere seconds later, hitting him at point-blank range. Rattrap rides out the giant explosion joyously until he is caught in Rhinox's arms, and the eternal Deadpan Snarker has to end this CMOA with...
    Rattrap: My hero. *smoochs Rhinox's cheek*
    Rhinox: Oh, get down. *drops Rattrap*
    • Ending a CMOA with a Funny? Why not?
    • While we're on the subject of "The Agenda", Megatron brings the second season of Beast Wars to a cliffhanger: He shoots Optimus Prime in the face. Prime, not Primal, THE Optimus Prime! The epic speech he gives while doing it is just the icing on the cake.
    "And now, Optimus Prime! In memory of the Decepticons! For the glory of the Predacons! For the Cybertron that is rightfully ours, and mine, to rule! I unleash the sword of vengeance! Farewell!"
    "Say goodbye to the universe, Maximals! The future has changed. Yessssss. The Autobots lose! Evil triumphs! And you...YOU NO LONGER EXIST!"
    • Most villains make a cliffhanger by defeating the heroes. Beast Wars Megatron makes a cliffhanger by negating the heroes' existence.
    • Newly upgraded Optimal Optimus in the very next episode gets a rather nasty dig in when a fight is about to break out in the main bridge of the Ark, with all the G1 cast still in stasis lock all about.
    Megatron: "You wouldn't dare fire in here! It might upset history."
    Optimal Optimus: "We'd have four million years to clean you off the walls, Megatron. I might risk it."
    • While Megatron's plot involving the Ark ultimately fails, he unleashes a backup plan that's almost as good (and actually succeeds):
    Optimal Optimus: It's over, Megatron!
    Megatron IS IT? Rampage, as I instructed, NOWWWW! *Rampage proceeds to destroy the Maximal's base.*
  • Another Beast Wars moment. The part where they messed with our expectations in the series finale:
    Megatron: Well, let's hear it, the usual "destiny and honor" speech.
    Optimal Optimus: Speech this! *(powerfully punches Megatron)*
    (Also gets a Funny Moment when Dinobot II chuckles at this, as if to muse, "Serves you right, you pompous Jerkass!")
    • Also from the series finale (which was more or less one big Crowning Moment for everyone involved):
    Megatron (quoting the Covenant of Primus): And there came a hero who said, "Hurt not the earth, nor the trees, nor the seas, nor the very fabric of time." But the hero would not prevail!
    Optimus: Finish the quote, Megatron! "Nor would he surrender!"
    • Dinobot 2 from the series finale. Finally gaining some sense of his former self (which probably came when the half-spark embedded in Ramgage went with him), when Megatron orders him to arm the Nemesis main cannon on the Ark, Dinobot slips a transmission to the Maximals, giving them at least a chance to turn the tables...which Rhinox eventually does.
    Megatron: What?! What possible reason do you have to disobey me?! I am your master! I am your creator!
    Dinobot 2: And I...have my honor!
    • Then there's the fact that that Rhinox saves the day by flying a shuttle into the Predacon warship.
    Rhinox: For everything that ever was. (Cue Battlecry)
    "I said NO! Dragon-bot command you, Sub-commander Kiss-Butt! Dragon-bot not command Waspinator! Not anymore! Waspinator sick of being evil! Sick of being Predacon! And Waspinator especially sick of being BLOWN TO SCRAP ALL THE TIME!!! Sooo, Waspinator quit! As of now. Which means Ant-Bot and Two-Head can just pucker their mandibles, and plant big, wet, juicy ones right here on Waspinator's big... FAT... STRIPEY..." (gets blown up)
  • Rhinox was built on the Crowning Moments of Awesome. First and foremost, there was the entirety of the episode where Megatron turned him into a Predacon and Rhinox proceeded to use his intelligence to tear apart the entirety of the Predacons.
    • Arguably Rhinox's greatest moment was the entire episode "Dark Voyage," where he, Cheetor, Rattrap, and Dinobot are blinded far away from the base. Rhinox keeps his head far better than any of the others and leads them a good part of the way home so they can be rescued. The trip also involves him flinging a giant snake into the distance, and meditating to tell the others where to aim when Waspinator and Terrosaur attack.
    • Rhinox standing in a huge pile of shell casings from his guns in "The Low Road". Made all the more awesome when he quips that he "can't hold them off forever." Also qualifies for the series' Funny Moments.
    • When Megatron locked the Maximals out of the Ark, Rattrap can't hotwire the doors to open. Cue Rhinox getting pissed, pulling out the Chainguns of Doom, and blasting the control panel to oblivion. The doors crack open, and Rhinox starts trying to pull it open manually, putting dents in the doors from just his raw strength.
      • Three Words: Chainguns of Doom. Any time these come out, something awesome usually follows.
    • In "Afermath", Dinobot starts questioning why he should listen to Rhinox with Optimus dead, naturally thinking about being leader again. Rhinox grabbing Dinobot by the throat, picking the taller bot off his feet and telling him he's in a bad mood. Few things scare Dinobot. A pissed off Rhinox is one of them.
    • He also brought Optimus Back from the Dead using his mind
    • Oh, and he also won the Beast Wars, flying an Autobot shuttle through the command tower of the Nemesis and capturing Megatron. In times of peace, he enjoys nature, long walks on the beach, and the occasional Tolstoy.
  • Blackarachnia out-Starscreaming The Starscream himself:
    Starscreaminator: You've betrayed me!!
    Blackarachnia: I studied with the master.
    • Basically the entire episode is a CMOA, solely for the fact that the G1 character Starscream appears (and possesses Waspinator).
    • Gotta give props to Doug Parker. He did a great job filling in for the late Chris Latta.
  • Basically any scene where Rampage gets to appear and show just what he's made of. From taking a brutal amount of firepower to slugging it out with Depth Charge.
    • "Bad Spark." That is all.
  • Any scene where Depth Charge gets to show up and kick ass.
  • Let's combine the two and have Depth Charge driving a spike of raw energon through Rampage's spark—and Rampage letting him with a maddened laugh.
    • Depth Charge's final speech is a masterpiece of Crowning Awesome — hammy and over-the-top and yet so cool. It's also notable as the ONLY time in Beast Wars, and one of the very few times in Transformers full stop, that a Maximal (or Autobot) actually kills one of the bad guys.
    "RAW Energon! Right through your twisted Spark! Take it! TAKE IT STRAIGHT TO THE PIT! You sickening piece of slaaag!"
  • A double-whammy with a scene between Depth Charge and Optimus Primal during "Feral Scream". Optimus's nerves are being worn after his chum Cheetor has been involved in a freak-accident that's left him mutated, near dead and missing. Depth Charge was present, but he's not giving any answers. Optimus orders him to tell him what really happened, to which Depth Charge replies "You hauled me in for THAT? Ask the cat.", before turning to leave. Tempers flare as Optimus yells at him, only for Depth Charge to yell back. Keep in mind that Depth Charge's whole hand is as wide as a few of Optimus's fingers, to lend scale. Optimus finally loses it and forcibly shoves Depth Charge into the wall and threatens to rip his brain out and find out what happened manually. For the first time in the series Optimus has really lost his temper with a crew member to the point of violence, and his victim is half his size. How does Depth Charge reply? With a cool and sarcastic "Well, since you asked so nicely...". Optimus finally losing it on insolent crew members (and on Depth Charge in particular, who is a complete ass to everyone) coupled with Depth Charge refusing to lose his cool in the face of an angry Autobot-sized robot (it helps that it's Optimus, on whom he holds a grudge) makes for a great moment of awesome for two characters.
  • Blackarachnia fights Inferno in "Other Voices, Part 2". A little context: Transformers has never been fantastic with female characters, ranging between The Chick to The Ditz. And Inferno, a demented, cackling pyromaniac courtier with giant steel teeth, was awesome. But when he goes up against Blackarachnia she utterly schools him, in one of the best fight scenes in TF history. BA wasn't just the 'token female'; she was smart, capable, strong, and, let's face it, kinda sexy.
  • With action television shows that exist mainly to sell toys, new characters, representing new products on the shelves, beat the old characters/toys without much effort. "Proving Grounds" averts this for a good portion of the episode, with Blackarachnia, still in her original form, outwitting and outfighting Dinobot II (who first appeared two episodes prior) at every turn. That's not to say Dinobot II doesn't hold his own well, but it is a good example of how Beast Wars downplays its toy-oriented aspects.
    • Dinobot II deserves mention in the same episode, being a dangerous Genius Bruiser showing how dangerous the original Dinobot would have been without his ethics, almost killing Blackarachnia and Silverbolt.
  • "Crossing The Rubicon", where she's upgraded into a Transmetal, was also the first time she transformed with the Maximals' "Maximize" activation code, signifying her choice to become a full member of the team. You'd have to see it in context, after everything that had happened, but it was quite a moment.
  • Blackarachnia gets one in her first episode. Optimus has just been shot out of the sky, so she moves in for the kill. Cheetor shoots the gun out of her hand, so she starts purposefully marching toward him in an Unflinching Walk. He charges and keeps firing, hitting all of the spider arms from her beast mode, which double as machine guns. When she's close enough, Blackarachnia hits him with a literal face-breaking kick, flooring him in a single attack. That pretty much set the tone for the rest of the series.
  • In "The Spark", she's fighting Cheetor again and has completely defeated him in hand-to-hand combat. She has him pinned on the ground and loads her gun with a "cyber-venom" dart and fires point blank at his face. But Cheetor catches it, and throws it back into her head. It can be seen here. But afterward, Cheetor had to admit, "Ow, that spider can hit!"
  • Silverbolt also has one in "Proving Grounds": while pretty much dead on his feet, he uses Dinobot II's hologram generator to fake him out, just like Dinobot II had done to Blackarachnia at the beginning of the fight.
  • Rattrap taking out Waspinator, Inferno, and Dinobot II with a single ball of mud. All based on the idea of hominid Una, as well.
  • Silverbolt showing Tarantulas just what happens to bots who actually manage to harm Blackarachnia. It's a very good thing he's usually so reserved.
    • To elaborate on this one a bit: Tarantulas killed Blackarachnia (She got better). Silverbolt loses it. The Bird-Dog then hunts him down and almost impales him. If Rampage hadn't showed up when he did, he would have been dead.
  • Tigerhawk is a walking moment of awesome. Granted he was there for only a few episodes, but in the first episode alone he destroys the Predacon base, sweeps away every one of them except Megatron, who he defeats with almost no effort. He one-ups himself in the final episode when he takes on the Nemesis, one of if not the most powerful Decepticon warship in history all by himself and actually manages to both hold it off for a little while.
  • "Look! Down in the sky! Is it a bird?" "Maybe a plane?" "Nah! It's Optimus!" And thus, Optimus Primal literally catches a falling starship and lowers it safely to the ground all by himself. Complete with heroic music.
  • Airazor got two during the few episodes she was in:
    • Her very first scene, she goes from the brink of death as a protoform to full blown Action Girl in seconds. She out flys, out fights and dismantles Terrorsaur, asserting herself as the dominant aerial warrior.
    • Breaking into the Predacon base to retrieve a piece of stolen technology, destroying the Predacon's defenses with a shockwave created by the sheer speed of her dive, in beast mode no less. She even deliberately walks into, and destroys, Megatron's booby trap guarding the thing she was after, joking the whole time about how predictable it was.
  • Inferno is practically built on these, but his best came in The Agenda: Part 2. He went kamikaze on Primal and Cheetor by igniting a raw energon deposit after succumbing to energon build-up. All while cackling like a madman.
  • A bit of a meta-example also involving Transformers: Generation 1: The two-part finale involves Megatron finding and gaining possession of the Nemesis, Decepticon Megatron's warship and the flagship of the entire Decepticon space fleet, a gargantuan battlecruiser bristling with weapons (it was originally discovered by Tarantulas, who had been refurbishing it and even added a transwarp cell). As an added nod, the Nemesis is found on the floor of the ocean in the same position the Decepticons' second ship and base ended up in throughout the first two seasons. Megatron proceeds to raise the warship and unleash hell upon man, bot, and beast alike, until Rhinox pilots an Autobot shuttle through the bridge, causing the Nemesis to veer of into the distance and disappear below the horizon... and crash into a hillside in South America, where it would be discovered by Decepticon Megatron in the G1 episode "Microbots" and its power source removed for his own use.
  • Optimus's return from his brief bout with the deads in "Coming of the Fuzors II". The other Maximals are brutally damaged, out of ammo, and about to be descended on by the bolstered Predacon forces. Before they can strike the final blow, a massive explosion grabs everyone's attention. The Predacons look on in shock and horror before the camera pans up to the new and improved Transmetal Optimus Primal. He then proceeds to single handedly crush the five Predacons without a scratch.
    • What makes this scene so awesome compared to most Back from the Dead scenes, is that Optimus had been dead for almost three episodes. More than enough time to subvert Like You Would Really Do It and thus make his return all the more triumphant.
    • Also in that episode, Silverbolt does a Heel–Face Turn and and blows Megatron off a cliff. "Consider that my resignation from the Predacons!"
    • This episode is glorious for another reason. See all of the Transmetal toys were not given ranged weapons of any sort, so the animators had to resort to various "cheats" so they would have a gun (the most ridiculous of which is Tarantulas's circular-saw "blaster"). Primal was hit even worse, as he was given a gun, but it was a tiny peashooter (though technically, it was a missile launcher using either of his two maces as the missiles, which does look a bit more threatening). So what did the animators do? They realized that the mace rack on his back could be flipped over his head mid-transformation, and turned it into an autocannon platform. This allowed him to lay down a withering hail of fire that sends the entire Predacon force running and singlehandedly turned the battle. What's more, because of toy accuracy, you could actually do this with the Primal toy, becoming an unofficial "4th mode" for the toy (all Transmetals had a third vehicle mode).
  • After years of being the chew toy of the universe, Waspinator finally got the respect he deserves. The bug has joined the Hall of Fame, beating out Grimlock and Shockwave to get there.
  • The Old West-style showdown where the episode ends with Dinobot, Cheetor and Rattrap facing off against the Predacons. Dinobot even brought a BFG for the fight.
  • Dinobot II's creation is one long Shout-Out to Frankenstein, complete with Waspinator as Igor.
    Megatron: From the tempest fury, the spark ignites! To sire new life! Transmetal 2 life!
  • Let's not forget Tigertron now. In Call of the Wild our nature goer teaches the Maximals to embrace their Beast Mode instincts rather than be overwhelmed by them. While the Predacons try to hunt them down, he gives us these parting words.
    Tigertron: Remember, do not fight your beast instincts. Let them help your robot form, both in battle and in peace. But now, let us maximize, *Transforms* and slag some butt!
  • Gorilla Warfare, Optimus becomes death incarnate for the entire episode as he singlehandedly solos the Predacon security.
  • In ''Feral Scream, Part 2" Optimus confronts Cheetor regarding his odd behavior following an accident that has left him randomly transforming into an entirely new creature. Before Cheetor admits what's been happening, Optimus is sniped by the transmetal Dinobot clone. In response, Cheetor immediately and permanently shifts into his own transmetal II form (which had previously reduced him to a feral animal) and forces the previously unstoppable Dinobot II to retreat (after blowing away Waspinator, of course).
  • Inferno singlehandedly kicking Quickstrike and Silverbolt's asses when they first emerge from their pods.
  • Megatron again. After witnessing that Optimus Primal getting a Deadly Upgrade thanks to taking in his ancestor's spark, Megatron guesses it would work on him as well, taking in G1 Megatron's spark. A couple of his subordinates betray him and drop him into the lava while he's incapacitated mid-transformation, but that only serves to enhance him. He gets a lava dragon Beast Mode. After dealing with the treacherous duo, he absolutely annihilates the unprepared Optimal Optimus in Battle Mode, and if not for the timely arrival of the remaining Maximals and coming under their combined fire, he would have killed Primal right there.
    • He also invoked and ensured his Joker Immunity with this move, because unless they extracted the spark beforehand, the Maximals could not kill him without upsetting the timeline.


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