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"Your entrance was good. His was better."
  • Two-Face threatens to blow up everyone at the circus if Batman doesn't reveal himself. Bruce immediately stands up and shouts that he's Batman, and his identity is only saved because the shouting is lost among everyone panicking. But the fact that he is so ready to give his life to save hundreds of people without a second thought- that is why he is Batman.
    • The Flying Graysons aren't just murdered through sabotage in this continuity, they actively use their skills to attempt to stop Two-Face's bomb and would have succeeded if Two-Face hadn't fired at them and Dick does succeed while Bruce can only beat down Two-Face's henchmen. Badass Family, for sure.
  • Crazy awesome Tommy Lee Jones, the classic unshakable hero, playing the borderline psychotic.
  • While we all know Jim Carrey's insane, he emphasises this as the Riddler.
    Riddler: Hey, Two-Face! Show me how to punch a guy!
    Two-Face: It's darn simple, my boy! Ball up the fist, reach way back, and assert yourself. (Two-Face knocks out a guard with a single blow, smiling as he does it)
    Riddler: Ooooh! That looks like fun! Let me try LET ME TRY!! All right... ball up the fist...
    Two-Face: Ball up the fist...
    Riddler: Reach way back...
    Two-Face: Reach way back.....
    Riddler: And assert myself! (throws a punch at a guard who doesn't even flinch, whilst Riddler shakes his hand in apparent pain; Two-Face shakes his head) Oooh, ah! Ow!
    • Also, the guard not even flinching when he was punched in the face is a CMOA for him.
    • Early promos show there was a little more to this scene: after Riddler's failed attempt to cold-cock the guard, Two-Face drops the same guy with no problem.
    • This quote, made all the more impressive because as it's happening, Two-Face is nonchalantly sipping two cocktail martinis, and watching the scene with amusement.
      (Batman has just crashed through the ceiling interrupting Two-Face's raid)
      Riddler: Your entrance was good, his was better. (Batman starts beating up mooks) The difference? Showmanship!
  • The Riddler accomplishes what no other villain in the Burton-Schumacher saga could; deducing Batman's secret identity.
    • He follows it up with the next logical step — invade his mansion, find the Batcave, and blow it up along with everything inside it, leaving the Batmobile itself for last and laughing as he watches it explode. "Somebody tell the Fat Lady... she's on in FIVE!"
    • For that matter, Nygma had prime chance to kill Bruce when he was done. It was only his Complexity Addiction (he needs Bruce to live, so Nygma can rub in his face how he beat him) that spared Bruce's life.
    "NO! Don't kill him. If you kill him, he won't learn nothin'."
  • Riddler and Two-Face blowing up Batman and Robin by playing Battleship.
    Two-Face: B12!
    Riddler: Hit! And my favorite vitamin, might I add!
  • Batman's Big Damn Heroes moment at the party was awesome. The scene of him jumping off the building with the camera swirling around his cape fluttering was awesome. But the scene where he survives being burned alive and emerges from the flames with vengeance in his eyes, giving Two-Face a very noticeable Oh, Crap! moment... that just proves why he's the Goddamn Batman.
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  • Batman rushing out of the fire after nearly saving himself from Two-Face's grenade launcher is quite epic.
  • Batman exploits the Riddler's love of riddles and puns, even while telegraphing his next move to the overconfident villain.
    Batman: I see without seeing. To me, darkness is as clear as daylight. What am I?
    The Riddler: Please! You're as blind as a bat!
    Batman: Exactly. [activates his Sonar optics and throws a batarang to take out the lights.]
  • The first few minutes are pretty suspenseful and feel like a serious Batman movie with some comic booky elements. Awesome opening credits, Batman gears up and rolls out, introduction of the situation and potential love interest, Two-Face gives a very nice monologue...Then it ends somewhere with Two-Face's nasty side revealed and Batman jumping from the elevator.
  • "Look Bruce, I'm part of this whether you like it or not!"
  • The final confrontation on Claw Island has two fantastic moments. Riddler flat-out tells Batman that saving both Chase and Robin is impossible. Even Bruce comes to the same conclusion, that the entire set-up is a death-trap designed so that none of them could escape. So what does Bruce do? He saves them both. After spending the film questioning his dual identity, he fully embraces it and explains to the Riddler that he's Batman and Bruce Wayne. This simple answer that the Riddler just doesn't get pushes him over the edge, as we see in the next scene.
    • And Robin gets a CMOA as well. He manages to untie the ropes on his feet during mid-fall and raise his arms as high as possible, allowing Batman to grab him before he falls onto the Spikes of Doom below. Had he not been able to do that Bats would never have been able to save him.
    • There's another moment immediately after saving Chase and Robin. The two heroes climb onto the girder and untie Dr Meridian when Two-Face climbs down to ambush them. With Two-Face's gun aimed squarely for Batman, Bruce's first instinctive action is to step away onto a second girder, drawing Two-Face's aim and putting distance between himself, and Chase and Robin.
    • The Riddler also gets a villainous moment of awesome in that he triggers the trapdoors while his mind is being fried by the unfiltered Box energy beam, an amazing summoning of willpower just to take the good guys down with him.
  • Watch Jim Carrey's impressive cane-twirling and how much time throughout the movie he does it. Clearly, and confirmed in Joel Schumacher's DVD commentary track, he dedicated quite a bit of time to get all that down (reportedly, he made quite a mess in his trailer practicing throughout the shoot and once accidentally clobbered Tommy Lee Jones in the family jewels).
    • Schumacher has nothing but praise for all the preparation and commitment Carrey brought to the shoot; in particular, he points out that in most of the scenes that show the Riddler near or even surrounded by explosions (i.e. the destruction of the Batcave), save one brief shot in the climax when the Box receiver is destroyed, it is not a double/stuntman onscreen as would be traditional A-list actor protocol but Carrey himself — because no double could move the way he did.
  • Due to deft camera handling and the consummate acting chops of Mr. Tommy Lee Jones, every time Two-Face flips his coin, it's a slice of high theatre.
  • The Riddler deserves serious props for having the gall to shine a Riddler signal across the sky, creating a giant question mark over Gotham with a green-tinted Batsignal as the period.
    • And then, since the signal was kept on for quite some time, Batman plows through it in the Bat-plane, still fighting the good fight even with his base of operations decimated.
      Commissioner Gordon: (dejected) He's not coming. Shut it down.
      (A deputy goes to do just that, only for the sound of a jet engine slowly approaching)
      Gordon: Wait a minute! WAIT A MINUTE!
      (the Bat-plane plows through the green-tinted Bat Signal logo in the sky, clearing the color from it, while Commissioner Gordon cheers)
  • After the royally dumb move he does of taking out the Batmobile for joyride, Dick comes across a group of thugs harassing a young woman. He tries to claim he's Batman only to get laughed at. Then they attack. Dick proceeds to wipe the floor with them.
    • The leader then summons the rest of the gang, which is veritably a small army, with Dick running around in his attempt to escape. Then Batman arrives, and without throwing a single punch, sends the entire group scattering.
    • Then, even after seeing the hardened criminals run scared at his presence, Dick unwaveringly attempts to fight Batman. That takes some serious backbone, especially considering he already stole the man's car.
  • For all of the questionable things this movie does, its final shot of Batman and Robin charging towards the camera in shadow with the bat signal shining behind them and the triumphant music playing makes for a truly badass ending.
  • Dr. Chase Meridian deserves some credit for being a Badass Normal with a knack for reading people. She's the one who deduces that Two-Face needs his coin to make decisions, which is how Batman ultimately defeats him. Dr. Meridian also shows a good deal of steel throughout the movie, whether she's working out in her office and teasing Bruce Wayne when he tries to "help" her, defiantly telling Riddler that Batman will come for her, or, after Edward's defeated, going to see him (despite his mind being totally shattered at this point) to make sure that Bruce's secret identity is safe.
  • Robin's confrontation against Two-Face deserves a mention here on just how intense at how he channels all his rage on his family's murderer.