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  • The final boss fight against Gruntilda. Especially when the Jinjonator is summoned.
    Pink Jinjo: Jinjo!
    Orange Jinjo: Jinjo!
    Green Jinjo: Jinjo!
    Yellow Jinjo: Jinjo!
    Blue Jinjonator: JINJO...
    Grunty: AHHHH! [Rapid-Fire Nail Biting]
  • Any time you use the Wonderwing Invulnerability (especially if you have the infinite feathers cheat). Time to sit back as enemies can't touch Banjo.
  • You have to poke around the internet for the cheat codes to find them, but it's incredibly awesome finding the Stop 'N Swop eggs (of which there actually are more than the two shown) and the Ice Key. Especially since you hear triumphant music in each area you find them in.
    • Actually using Stop 'N Swop in the XBLA version of Tooie is this, since it took them 9 years to actually implement it. Sure, the rewards you get are just the hidden abilities from the N64 version, some Xbox Live customization items and a new Stop 'N Swop for Nuts & Bolts, but the fact remains that you actually get to utilize a long-forgotten feature of the series.
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  • Getting a relatively nasty Jiggy in only a few tries certainly counts. Bonus points if it's the Rusty Bucket Bay propeller or Canary Mary's races in Cloud Cuckooland.
  • An underrated one for Banjo in the GBA game, Grunty's Revenge. Consistently, Banjo is considered The Load compared to Kazooie, but when Grunty's ghost possesses a robot, birdnaps her and brings her to the past? Banjo decides to give chase and save his best friend, all by himself. Yeah, he doesn't continue the game alone, but this is a rare moment where Banjo takes initiative. It's even more satisfying saving a chained-up Kazooie from Mecha-Grunty and reuniting once more.
  • Banjo and Kazooie are back! It's not a new game in the series, but it's the next best thing: the duo are DLC for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! Not only are they appearing on a Nintendo system again after 13 years, but now they're officially acknowledged as gaming superstars and get to duke it out with the best of the best. Godspeed, bear and bird.
    • Let's take a look back at their history to get a clearer picture of how incredible this is: the duo have only starred in five games in twenty-one years, two being easily forgotten portable spin-offs and another being such a drastic change that only a few players were willing to take a chance on it. Despite having only two well-received games to their name after such a long time, those two games were so beloved that almost two decades after they were released, enough fans were clamoring for their arrival in Smash that the team behind it decided to take a chance and attempt to negotiate with one of their parent company's direct competitors. And wouldn't you know it, they succeeded. Sure, they were helped along by the two well-loved games being on the Nintendo 64, but the fact that Banjo and Kazooie got the red carpet treatment for Smash despite everything really speaks to the exquisite work done by the teams behind Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie.


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