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Awesome / Bad Boys II

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  • Destroying the shanty town with a car chase, as a homage to Police Story.
  • Mike putting the Ferrari into a spin to catch up with the Haitians, then emptying his UMP-45 into one of them as it comes to a stop.
    "Now show 'em your badge!"
  • Basically the Miami freeway car chase, one of the most incredibly destructive set pieces of the decade.
  • Most notably, the opening shootout, with the Bullet Time sequence.
  • Despite having to face down a group of highly trained commandos who are tearing through her son's hired goons and holding off the Cuban army, Mama Tapia still defends her home with nothing but a double-barreled shotgun and a nightgown. Even after emptying both barrels, she's still threatening the heroes until one of them knocks her out.
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  • Marcus taking out Tapia with a well-aimed headshot. Tapia's corpse even falls on a landmine!

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