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  • Starting off in Issue #2, we have the team's entrance into Bagalia. When confronted by Constrictor's trainees, a number of them members of the Young Masters of Evil, the team nonchalantly faces them without even perceiving them as a threat. Say nothing of the fact that the one who actually finishes the fight is Death-Lockett, who effortlessly wipes the floor with them with one shot from her "big ol' cyborg gun arm."
    • Which is followed up on a scant few pages later when the Young Masters leap to her aid and beat up a creepy mad-scientist who was perving out over Rebecca's Deathlok bionics. Doubles as a CMOH when Excavator apologizes for the guy's actions, assures her that she's not a science experiment and that she doesn't have to take that kind of crap, and offers to buy her a taco in honor of her "royally whipping [him]" in the aformentioned fight.
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  • Issue #3, Page 18 onward. After the hell they went through in his sick game, it was cathartic as Hell to watch the team beat the everloving shit out of Arcarde. Say nothing of the moment when Hazmat kills him in the same way that he killed Mettle at the beginning of the "game," poignantly punctuated by the ironic Pre-Mortem One-Liner, "Welcome to Murder World!"
  • Your milage may vary, but Zemo's speech in Issue #4, where he offer's the team a chance to join the Masters of Evil, having seen potential in them, and praising them for killing Arcade, qualifies as this for its debatably apropos dig at the nature of the general populace' view of superhumans.
    Baron Zemo: Yours is a world in which the everyman is allowed to live for himself, while the superman is expected to live a life of altruism and servitude. There's no limit to what the average member of this broken society can achive. In business. In entertainment. In sport. Simply by trading on skills slightly less mundane than those of her peers. But what of the truly exceptional? Are we afforded the same opportunities to use our gifts for personal gain? No. We get thinly veiled military conscription. Life as propped up government stooges. Human shields. Or unpaid soldiers of fortune in primary colors and sent out to set an example.
    Cammi: You going somewhere with this "Purple Nurple"? Or are we in for a whole evening of stinky shellfish and crap supervillain talking points.
    Baron Zemo: Heh. Heh. Heh. There it is. Super Villain. That's what they call the combination of power and ambition. In your world.
    Anachronism: Says the man who calls himselff a Master of Evil.
    Baron Zemo: "Evil," is the name they gave to us. We've simply chosen to own it. [...] No one is asking you to rob any banks or man our moon base death ray. It's simple. I see potential in you. Potential that won't be realized back in your world. Where they had you locked in cages for the unthinkable crime of killing a madman. There's no threat here. No demand. Just an offer. Learn how to build the life you want... Not the one that's expected. Join us.

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