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Awesome / Avengers: The Children's Crusade

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  • Wiccan and Speed’s "The Reason You Suck" Speech to the X-Men and Avengers collectively, breaking down the hypocrisy of their actions in about a minute total.
  • Wiccan rendering 30 bad guys comatose with a thought.
  • The fact that he also managed to hold off Dr. Doom for a short time definitely counts. He's only a teenager with barely any experience compared to Doom, but he successfully protected himself with his magic until Doom cranked up the power. There's also the fact that there was no question that Wiccan's power would be enough to keep Dr. Doom from interfering with Wanda's spell.
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  • Wanda, kicking the asses of all the Avengers and X-Men in about ten seconds, because you do not fuck with her children.
  • When the Young Avengers and Magneto face off against the Avengers, Carol tells Billy that his team is not going to win this one. Wiccan agrees, but his hands begin glowing in the beginning of a spell.
    Carol: What are you doing, Wiccan?
    Billy: I'm not entirely sure, Ms. Marvel. (his eyes glow blue) Brace yourself.
    • The result? A massive bolt of lightning slams into the ground, knocking the Avengers senseless and teleporting the Young Avengers and Magneto halfway around the planet.