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Awesome / Avatar Aang And The Sorcerors Stone

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  • The battle against the troll. The Benders (and Sokka) are using whatever they could use in their own arsenal to launch at it. Even better...Toph survives being fallen on from the troll by burrowing under it just in time.
  • When Draco Malfoy and Pansy Parkinson verbally attack Katara and insult Kya, her mother, Sokka yells at them both for what they were doing.
  • Katara driving off Dudley and his gang when they beat Aang up for being in their turf.
  • The Final Battle of the story, where it's Aang and Harry v.s. Quirrell.
    • Villainous example: Quirrell's magic was so powerful that it kept Aang from bending away the flames he conjured up!

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