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  • In the Series 2 episode "A Home From Home", Wayne is being given the cold shoulder by the other six for getting them thrown out of their hotel after the landlord, Arthur Pringle (who already barely tolerated them, mostly because of what he perceived as their uncouth manners), caught Wayne in bed with his daughter, and followed up the eviction by blacklisting them at every pub and hotel in the area. As renovation on Thornely Manor continues, the lads find some old video cassettes, and Wayne buys a cheap television and video player, acting on the possibility that they might be the stag films for which Thornely Manor's former owner, Kenny Ames, was renowned. Sure enough, one of the cassettes has footage of an orgy at Thornely Manor... with guests including Arthur Pringle. The next day, Wayne leads the lads back to the Barley Mow and produces the tape to successfully blackmail Pringle into letting them drink there again, declaring, "Mr Arthur 'Tiger' Pringle, this is your life!"
  • The Series 2 episode "Cowboys" features two significant awesome moments.
    • First, there is Oz singing a soulful rendition of Merle Haggard's "I Can't Be Myself" in the country-western bar, impressing even his sceptical fellow builders. The performance partly contributed to Jimmy Nail's success as a singer in the years that followed.
    • Second, there is a collective moment of awesome for the lads and their temporary eighth man, plumber Harry Blackburn. When given three cost estimates for the conversion of Thornely Manor into an old people's home, Ally Fraser unhesitatingly opts for the cheapest one (less than half the price of the next cheapest option), and the builders are utterly disgusted by the cheap, flimsy materials they are given for the renovations, suspecting that they are working a "cowboy job". Dennis insists that they press on, but after the lads meet an elderly but cheerful tramp who is squatting in Thornely Manor and Neville determines that Dennis is only doing as Ally Fraser says because he owes him £6,000, they decide to both do right by the future residents of Thornely Manor and stand behind Dennis by going on strike until they are given better materials. Ally Fraser naturally reacts to the news by sending round a carful of goons to beat up the builders, but the goons are the ones who are beaten up (with Oz, Bomber, and Harry Blackburn leading the charge), and Fraser agrees to upgrade to the second cheapest renovation plan.

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