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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

First Movie
  • The entire opening, although watching Kida be forcibly separated from her mother due to the Heart may also count as a Tear Jerker.
  • When he opens the package from his grandfather and discovers it's the Shepherd's Journal, Milo's faith in his dream is reignited. Even when Mr. Whitmore (seemingly) discredits it as a fake, Milo firmly tells him he'd stake everything he owns that this is the real Shepherd's Journal.
    • Gets less attention than it should: the original crew found the journal in Iceland, exactly where Milo had concluded that it would be. Milo is just as good of a linguist as his legendary grandfather.
  • Mr. Whitmore has one when he rewards Milo for his determination.
    Milo: I will find Atlantis on my own, even if I have to rent a rowboat!
    Mr. Whitmore: (grinning widely) ...Congratulations, Milo. This is exactly what I wanted to hear. But forget the rowboat, son. (Presses a button and a small model of the Ulysses submarine appears) We'll travel in style.
  • The submarine launch sequence, especially with the sweeping CGI crane shot and the accompanying fanfare.
  • The Leviathan attack scene is terrifyingly awesome. A Magitek monster big enough to be measured in miles, a desperate battle for survival with torpedo-toting subpods and turrets, and finally a hair-raising, skin-of-the-teeth escape through a twisting underwater chasm.
    • Rourke's laconic reaction to the Leviathan.
      Rourke: Tell Cookie to melt the butter and bring out the bibs, I want this lobster served up on a silver platter!
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  • After much trekking through the caverns (and a mishap with fireflies), Milo and the crew make it to Atlantis. And the panoramic view of the city is nothing short of breath-taking.
  • Kida briefly fighting Rourke's men before getting overwhelmed. Even when she's apprehended, she doesn't accept defeat, she stares at her captors defiantly. Compare her Death Glare with that of Tarzan.
    • Fridge-Awesome: Why do you think Kida was patrolling the tunnels leading to Atlantis? Kida's father wasn't just prattling when he said "a thousand years ago [she] would have slayed [intruders] on sight". If her pulling a knife of one of Rourke's men is any indication, the only reason Milo and his friends are still alive is because Kida spared them out of curiosity. She's just that good of a fighter.
    • Rourke gets one a second later when he shoots the knife out of her hand.
  • Rourke figures out where the Heart of Atlantis is before everyone else- whatever his flaws, he ain't dumb.
  • Milo showing backbone in the face of Rourke's demands sets him apart from the usual Hollywood Nerd:
    Milo: (Off the crystal's description on the inscriptions) They're (The Atlanteans are) a part of it; it's a part of them. I - I'm doing the best I can here!
    Rourke: (Unimpressed) Well do better.
    Milo: (Getting sharp) Oh, I know. Why don't you translate, and I'll wave the gun around?!
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  • The ascension of Kida in the Crystal Chamber is probably the most memorable part of the movie, and generally the reason it's still recommended today. Any part with Kida as the Crystal is extremely impressive in animation, music, and mood.
  • Heck, everything that Milo does during the climax:
  • Vinny himself gets a moment of awesome. In an attempt to take cover, he finds that the flying machines have energized weapons that obliterate their targets, which can be activated by putting their hands on the pad. That in turn inspires the other Atlanteans to do the same. It was because of this move, that the tide begins to turn in Milo's favor.
    Vinny: Ok, now things are getting good!
  • Milo riding an ancient flying machine into battle against Rourke's more ruthless crew to save the crystal-infused Kida, driving said flying machine into the escaping balloon when all other attempts to stop it fail, and refusing to back down against Rourke himself despite being woefully outmatched. Bonus points for using his wits (and a crystal-charged shard of glass) to ultimately beat his stronger opponent!
    • Just Milo's character. Even before his Character Development kicked in during his journey, he stands apart from most Disney male protagonists as a cool nerd who believed in his passion, even when nobody else did. And after everything he's been through, he grows to be brave, dependable, and honorable, even though the odds were against him.
      • It's been pointed out that despite the in-universe year being 1914, Milo has insane respect for women. While he does question Audrey's place on the team, it's from the nonsexist perspective of her being a teenager (which is fair) and at no point does he ever question the competence of females.
  • "Nothing personal."
  • The Guardians of Atlantis being activated and shielding the city once more, this time from the exploding volcano.
  • Dr. Sweet being the first to perform a Heel–Face Turn after Rourke punches Kida's father. He is the only one of the crew to immediately realize that what they are doing is wrong and once Rourke starts hurting people, he splits off from the rest of the group and spends the rest of the film until the king's death tending to him. After the king's death, he renews Milo's determination with the mention of his grandfather.
  • It's mentioned in the DVD commentary that after test screenings, the filmmakers asked kids what the scariest scene in the movie was. The answers were invariably either the climactic battle or the Leviathan. Kids were also asked what their favorite scene in the movie was... and the answers were invariably either the climactic battle or the Leviathan.
  • Awesome Music: The soundtrack is by James Newton Howard. A special mention must go to "The Crystal Chamber".
  • Meta-Example: You got to give the crew dedication to the film by making a fully functional fake language around the movie. Pretty impressive feat. They went so far as to hire Marc Okrand (the man who created Klingon, no less) specifically for this purpose.
  • As mentioned on the Funny Moments page, Milo and Kida's back-and-forth conversation in different languages:
    Kida: (Atlantean) Who are you strangers and where did you come from?
    Milo: (Atlantean) Who... are you strangers and... where did you come from?
    Kida: (Atlantean) Your manner of speech is strange to me.
    Milo: (Atlantean) I... travel... friend!
    Kida: (Atlantean) "I... travel... friend..." You are a friendly traveler?
    Milo: (Latin) Itaque, mi amice, ego sum viator!note 
    Kida: (Latin) Tu loqueris lingua Romanorum!note 
    Milo: (French) Parlez-vous français?note 
    Kida: (French) Oui, monsieur!note 


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