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  • The very first episode had a segment called "Iron Shiek: Real Or Jabroni?" where contestants look at certain topics that The Iron Sheik has tweeted about, and see what his stance on it is. What makes this a CMOA is that the night after the segment aired, The Sheik himself approved of it!
  • On one episode, they had three veterans of The State as contestants. And then they showed that other members in the audience in various roles. This culminated in a full-on State reunion during the episode!
  • They got "Weird Al" Yankovic, and then they were dumb enough (or brilliant enough) to have the Hashtag Wars be about spoofing band names. The other contestants barely even got a chance to buzz in. Al went on to win the entire episode as well.
    • Also crosses over to CMOH when Chris Hardwick and Mike Phirman proceed to recite the bridge from Al's own "I Lost on Jeopardy". Al gets visibly choked up.
    • Brian Posehn (who has admitted to being a pretty big Weird Al fan) gets his own CMOA by suggesting a song parody idea to Al which Al approves of. Chris Hardwick gives Al permission to award Brian points for it.
  • The "Morning Zoos" category, when they riff on morning radio programs, complete with off-the-wall sound effects. Chris starts talking like a stereotypical Dumbass DJ, and Patton Oswalt acts as his sidekick and takes the ball and fucking runs with it.
  • LeVar Burton comes on to blast the "definition" of the word 'book' on Urban Dictionary. And there is, of course, the outpouring of support from everyone—panelists included—for his Reading Rainbow Kickstarter.
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  • They're nominated for an Emmy!
  • After five consecutive losses on the show, Tom Lennon finally wins on his sixth appearance. Chris was absolutely amazed and actually had to make the audience pause for a moment to emphasize Tom's achievement. The fact that he managed to beat "Weird Al" Yankovic in FTW adds another layer of awesome to the achievement.
  • August 26th, 2014 - Last-place comedian Kate Micucci is so adorable and the three comedians show such solidarity that Chris allows all three to progress to the final round.
  • Everything about Ron Funches wearing a Ric Flair robe and carrying around an @Midnight title belt in his first appearance back after winning the 100th episode. (He lost in FTW.) Behold!
    • It should be noted that Funches wore that outfit the entire episode. Even Chris thought he would change during the first break, but nope.
  • After the release of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer—and the ensuing racist shitstorm that whipped up thanks to...well, racists decrying the use of a black man in Stormtrooper armor—Chris cuts a "rap" about the Star Wars lore (after someone on Twitter dared people to "follow the lore") describing how the original clone troopers were exhausted after the Clone Wars and different human templates of all racial backgrounds were used (to say nothing of other humans joining on their own). Then, cue Mic Drop.
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  • Free the Nipple. An epic near 3 minute rant on censorship.
  • Chris totally shutting down the GIFTers who bitched about the all-female Ghostbusters reboot. See it here in all its nerdly glory.
  • Chris Cubas not only earning an appearance on the show by winning the #PointsMe challenge, but winning the game as well!
  • Justin's magic trick: he pantomimes lighting up a joint and inhaling...and Doug Benson blows out a cloud of smoke!
    • The fact that Benson has won the show multiple times while obviously and openly stoned out of his gourd is pretty impressive.
  • Annie Lederman absolutely nailing what is apparently standard Asian baby photo attire. Cue handshakes and high fives (and 200 bonus points from Chris) all around.
    Annie: It's adorable! It's a little Asian baby; he's probably dressed up like a food.
  • The Highly Nuanced Roles of Women in Entourage: After the film flopped at the box office, Chris took great delight in taking the open misogyny inherent in the film and the series and kicking it while it was down.
  • From the 10-20-15 episode, Chris's epic conspiracy theory rant about Back to the Future.
  • Teller (of Penn & Teller) managing to win without saying a single word.


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