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  • In chapter 1's trial, Akuma gets one when he names Heather as a potential suspect, causing Honoka to suggest Heather strip, revealing Heather to be the chapter 1 culprit.
  • Yasu gets one during Chapter 3's trial, when he jumps over his podium and runs to Mikazuki, tapping her on the shoulder before punching her in the face.
  • Your mileage may vary on how much this counts as "awesome", but in chapter 3's trial, the class catches the true culprit because Naohiro confesses, just so the innocent Haruka wouldn't die in his place.
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  • Akemi gets one during chapter 4's trial, when she gets the idea to compare everyone's handwriting to the handwriting of the fake note that lured Miwa to her death, which is how the true culprit is exposed—only one student's handwriting matches, and it's Lukas's. Akemi's plan led to the culprit being exposed.
  • Jaz and Akemi each get one during chapter 5's trial, because Jaz reveals that she found the murder weapon in Toru's room and took it before Toru could get rid of it, and Akemi notices that Toru has been covering his shoulder with his ID tag for some reason and asks Toru to strip, revealing an incriminating bullet wound. Taken together, these two clues decisively prove who the culprit is.
  • Jaz and Yasu both get one during chapter 8, when they manage to fix the broken Monomi and restore her to life.
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  • In chapter 1's trial of Astral Black, Mai finds a crucial piece of evidence in the "barbiturate" drug, and Ryouta then uses that evidence to turn the trial around by changing the characteristics of who the culprit has to be. Jackson and Sun-Mi present the majority of evidence that then narrows down those suspects, and it's Jackson who finally catches the culprit by suddenly noticing a slip-up as Hans said the barbiturate drug could be taken for fun, and in pill form, when nobody else knew that.
  • A meta-example in Astral Blue: According to Sachiko's own player, Sachiko was much more competent during the chapter 1 trial than Sachiko had originally been designed to be.
  • Your mileage may vary, but in chapter 1's trial of Astral Blue, Harumi attacking Nanako to punish her for having gotten away with murder after chapter 1's mistrial may count as a crowning moment of awesome if you believe Harumi was justified in doing so.
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  • In chapter 2 of Astral Black, Tsubame gets one for finding the decisive evidence that proves that Koemi is the culprit.
  • In chapter 2 of Astral Blue, Kazumi and Eri both get one for having found the vast majority of the evidence, and Atohi gets one for finally naming Henri as a suspect.
  • In chapter 3 of Astral Blue, there's a collaborative moment of awesome: Kazumi does most of the investigation of the victim's corpse and locates all the wounds; Genji is the first to find the frying pan in someone's locker; Marco examines the wounds and notices that the murderer had to be short; Makoto figures out the frying pan had to be the murder weapon. With all of this done, they realize only one person could be the murderer. All at different times, of course, and with different levels of disbelief and shock. Elara compounds this when she officially names the killer, and the killer confirms it.
  • In chapter 4 of Astral Black, Sun-Mi gets a moment of awesome for drawing attention to Zacharie as a suspect when she points out that Zacharie made a remark about the shape of the victim's wound that he didn't see, which proves it was he who inflicted the wound in the first place.
  • In chapter 4 of Astral Blue, there's another collaborative moment of awesome: Kazumi, who found the vast majority of the evidence, proposes that the class have their shoes and feet inspected to prove that they didn't step on glass shards. When the person who turns out to be the culprit, Marco, pulls something off his shoes, he suddenly looks distressed, and Rhythm, Elara, and Makoto all notice this simultaneously, drawing attention to Marco. Rhythm further notices that the person has a pen, which given that the person didn't contribute to the written lists the person theoretically shouldn't have, and Elara further notices that what was taken off the shoes was the missing half of a label of CYANIDE that Kazumi had previously brought up, which proves that Marco had access to the murder weapon.
  • Kazumi gets on in chapter 6 of Astral Blue, when she lays out all of the evidence pointing to the mastermind.

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