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Awesome / Astonishing X-Men

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"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"
  • Colossus' resurrection.
  • Colossus giving Ord a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown during the "Gifted" Arc.
    I am not made of made...of RAGE!
  • The first Fastball Special in the series.
  • This one for Cyclops:
    Wolverine: Every now and then, Summers... I remember why you're still in charge.
  • Kitty's whole fight with Emma during the Torn arc.
  • Cyclops' "To me, my X-Men." is probably one of the most awesome moments in recent X-Men history
    • For further context, this was formerly Professor Xavier's catchphrase from the original series. In four words, Cyclops effectively surpasses his mentor and cements himself as the leader of the X-Men.
    • The entire plan leading up to the point where Cykes blows an alien prison in half with nothing but his Eye Beams (which hadn't been working for the last few issues after a psychological breakdown) is pretty gorram awesome too.
  • Kitty phasing a massive bullet through the Earth.