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All of Ascension's characters are pretty awesome in their own way.

Chapter 1

  • Tillie and Zander breaking into the dungeon imprisoning Jace and Aida. Tillie's Badass Boast about size not mattering after decimating some Eagles is the best of all.
  • The newly-formed Badass Crew prepare to infiltrate the castle, attacking the bandits.
    • Again at the end of the second chapter, even Sky is fighting.

Chapter 2

  • Sky learning enchantment alchemy at the Academy of Arcane Arts in Ildis. She's able to make an enchanted glove that lets her fight with electricity in her first year, something not even all fourth years are able to do.
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  • Jace reforming the Knights Order and becoming its Knight Captain, and having new recruits to train.

Chapter 3

  • Aida and Kole fighting off a crew of pirates while on the way to Valond.
  • Aida telling her uncle to let Kael's allies know that "The Queen wants her fucking throne back.
  • Sky declaring to Aida that she is old enough to make her own decisions when confronted about her falling in love with Diego marks her Character Development from Prone to Tears to Silk Hiding Steel.
  • Aida, Sky, Zander, Jace and Tillie held off an entire army of Valond's soldiers in Adeshia.
  • Aida's final fight with Kael, forcing him to realize he was a puppet of Synius, and finally killing him, declaring she wouldn't allow a noble to rule Valond.

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