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  • Passepartout gets a lot of rather awesome moments:
    • Rescuing Aouda by standing in for her husband's corpse. Let's assume he was a really good actor.
    • Refusing to help Fix after the detective reveals his suspicions: "I have been, am, in his service. I have seen his generosity and goodness; and I will never betray him - not for all the gold in the world. I come from a village where they don't eat that kind of bread!"
    • Climbing under a train being attacked by Sioux Indians to detach the locomotive.
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  • From the same section, Aouda defying the expected Neutral Female role by taking up a gun and scoring several good hits, and Fogg organizing several soldiers to find Passepartout and the other captured passengers.
  • Fogg buying the ship in order to burn it:
    "I have sent for your, sir, to ask you to sell me your ship."
    "No! by all the devils, no!"
    "I shall be obliged to burn her."
    "Burn my ship! A ship that is worth fifty thousand dollars!"
  • Fogg silently knocking Fix down with one punch and leaving, upon being released from jail.
  • The ending, where Fogg walks into his club at the very last possible moment, winning his bet.
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