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  • Pulling off some of the Critical Hearts flawlessly can be this for the player. The game even rewards the player with trophies/achievements for doing so.
  • Defeating Parace L'Sia is this for anyone who ever manages to pull it off.
  • This video shows an Angelia player using the Mirror Arcana to pummel Parace with her own overpowered supers, and completing Score Attack without using a single continue.
    • Sadly, this strategy has been nerfed in LOVE MAX!!!!!
  • As hopeless as it might seem to beat Parace in LOVE MAX!!!!!, it can be done. Shown here.
  • After the Kickstarter for Arcana Heart 3: LOVE MAX Six Stars!!!!!'s PC port and localization launched, it took little more than four days for the game to reach the funding goal of $100,000! It happened so quickly Examu didn't even have the art for the stretch goals ready, expecting funding to take far longer.
  • Each character in 3 gets their moment when Ragnarok comes online
    Heart: I WILL stop it! I will protect everyone I love, no matter what!
    Scharlachrot: It's time for you to die! I couldn't give a rat's ass what you did to me! But dragging Sophie into it... Your suffering will be legendary.

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