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  • Nova taking several levels in badass, and the fact that afterward those levels stuck.
  • Each of the main characters get at least one, usually accompanied by an awesome full page spread.
    • Drax leaping into the horde of Annihilus' bugs to give the evacuating Alliance time to escape. And later on, he manages to fulfill his purpose and kill Thanos by ripping out his heart.
    • Super-Skrull giving up his life to destroy the Harvester of Sorrows. He got better.
    • Ronan the Accuser downing Ravenous with one single hammer blow. "GUILTY!"
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    • Galactus destroying the Annihilation Wave with one blast after being set free by Drax.
    • And finally, Nova avenges the destroyed Nova Corps by ripping out Annihilus' guts from his mouth.
  • Sworn enemies Ronan and Super-Skrull fight back-to-back against the Kree troops at House Fiyero, two men against hundreds. And they're winning easily.
  • Ronan finally catches up to House Fiyero, after marching through the Kree soldiers sent to protect them, and the Annihilation Wave soldiers they've got with them. They don't last long after that.
  • A moment of crazy awesome in the final issue, when the Kree launch buildings at the Annihilation Wave.
  • "Surfer... HERALD MY RAGE!"
  • In the 'What If?' issue, when the Annihilation Wave is headed towards the moon and then decides to sacrifice his life by staying behind to fight them while Reed and the Inhumans head back to Earth. Then Cap and Iron Man, previously seen beating each other to a pulp, settle their differences and stay with Nova. Presumably the three of them die and not only manage to save the Earth, but they also stop the Annihilation Wave altogether and save the universe. Bad. Ass.

Annihilation: Conquest

  • Richard Rider manage to successfully fight off the Phalanx infection, then fight his way out of the heart of the Babel Spire, even with most of his power having to keep the infection in check.
  • Moondragon turning into a dragon, with Phyla riding her.
    • Though it becomes much less awesome when she reveals she's being slowly possessed by the Dragon of the Moon.
  • Nova, Gamora, Drax and Warlock performing a Big Damn Heroes, saving Peter Quill from Ultron.
  • After going through hell to find 'The Savior', including losing the love her life, Quasar finally manages to bring him to the final battle with Ultron ... only to deliver the killing blow herself.


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