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  • Consider this: the series have been ongoing for 10 years. Kazu Kibuishi have been writing, drawing, and coloring Amulet for a decade. Nonetheless, it's not hard to see where the inspiration of Emily's determined attitude came from.
    • Jason Caffoe also counts. The series heavily rely on him when it comes to coloring. Do you remember many of the one-page and two-paged spreads of scenes?? Jason Caffoe did all those, with Kazu contributing a bit for the general look but he's the one who's doing the fine details. Holy Shit.
    The Stonekeeper 
  • Emily's first use of her amulet. We're just as stunned as her.
  • Trellis's introduction is awesome due to the built up to it. The terrifying aura is executed perfectly and fear is genuine when he shows up.
  • Around the ending of Book 1, where all seems lost; Emily is being subjugated to some weird-looking slime that takes away her free will while the elf prince just calmly and coldly assures her that there will be no more fears. That's when Emily remembers a much needed advice, powers up, curb stomps and absolutely obliterates the creature and easily overpowering the elf in a single blast. And she's just a novice compared to him and he's scared — shitless.
    • Unfortunately this becomes less awesome when you realize that the Amulet was taking control of Emily and encouraging her to kill.

    The Stonekeeper's Curse 
  • Leon has proven himself as one hell of a badass — taking down several enemies at once. That's when you know he is not a person to be taken lightly. A powerful ally indeed.
  • Emily's fast-paced training. Once she learned how to lift the seed, lifting a log the size of a truck is a breeze. Levitating a 20-ton obstacle of dynamite? A piece of cake.
    The Voice: Let's show him what a powerful ally he has.

  • It borders on Nightmare Fuel, but the Elf King's back story of a former Colossal Beast is both terrifying and jaw dropping. No wonder Trellis wants to take him down.
  • Trellis gets a minor one. If he hadn't managed to attack Luger, the latter would've succeeded killing Emily. It was enough for Leon to get her up.
  • Navin's Big Damn Heroes moment. Giant Robot Hands Save Lives indeed — or in this case, Emily's and Leon's.
  • Emily and Navin's teamwork. Emily repowers the Charnon House while Navin delivers on hell of a Rocket Punch to Luger, sending right off a cliff.

    The Cloud Searchers 
  • It turns that Emily and Navin destroyed Luger's stone. He pretends to to have done it himself, but Trellis knows better.
  • Trellis leaving his father, despite the threat of death and choosing to help his brother.
  • Trellis and Emily's teamwork in general. Trellis just whips out a plan in just seconds that worked. Sure, he immediately gets kicked out of the fight but Emily made sure Gabilan gets the asskicking he deserves.

     The Last Council 
  • One has to give it to Max — he may have acted like a coward (although it was all ultimately a show), but once you see him defeat the grouls in one powerful blast with him not breaking a sweat, he is a terrifying force to reckon with and it shows.
  • Trellis and Leon's teamwork. Leon alone can't take on the Warden that well, but when he lets Trellis to lead, it proves that the guy is actually pretty capable of creating plans regardless of his Butt-Monkey status.
    Trellis: "I don't think we'll be able to kick our way out of this!"
    Leon: "You're right." (straps on gauntlets) "We'll have to do some punching too."

     The Prince of the Elves 
  • He may say that he's not a good stonekeeper, but Trellis is just as skilled as Emily. Luger claims that learning the ability to travel the Void will tale many years to master, but this two pulled it off correctly on the first try. The only thing Trellis hadn't prepared for is how to get out, which Emily managed to do so. Even then, he learns quickly to do the exact same thing all the while pulling off a barrier that purges the shadows. Not a good stonekeeper my ass.
  • Trellis pulls his Moment of Awesome towards the end of the Book. He produces what may be the most powerful defense In-universe as he manages to protect all three of them from a high-altitude fall with the barrier dramatically reforming the earth's surface from impact alone. Complete with mushroom cloud and debris. And when the dust settles, how did Trellis finish it off? With a modified goddamn Three-Point Landing like badass and he isn't breaking a sweat.

    Escape from Lucien 
  • The history behind the creation of Lucien Underground. The war is tending the increasing animosity between humans and elves, bad enough to the point that Cielis seceded from its outer city to separate itself from 'outsiders' (people who don't look human). But even then, people like Riva are still getting pushed out. So what does her father do? He built a whole city underground right under the Cielis Guard's noses and no one noticed. It was kept secret for years and its existence was only revealed to Lucien when the people needed evacuating. And the Ash family are selfless enough to open their doors despite the past racism. They saved thousands of lives.
  • Navin and Aly are cornered in a street by shadows, with some possessing hosts that would surely tear them apart if they weren't possessed themselves. Then the wall behind them explodes and General Pil pulls one hell of a Big Damn Heroes moment.
  • Trish may be a minor character, but she gets her own awesome moment. She has proven herself why she was chosen to be the commanding officer of the Colossus by accomplishing her mission, showing she's one hell of The Determinator by resisting possession until she finally entered all the codes to send out the beacon.
  • The Guardian Council. They pulled off one of the CMOA and CMOH in one scene by combining their powers to enhance Trellis's shield to save the elves from falling to their deaths from a crashing airship who were antagonizing them at that point. And they succeeded. That was the day that thousands of lives are saved.

  • Loni has proven herself as one of the few Action Girl the series has by taking on Gravis, a bounty hunter. And she's winning. But then he pulls a knife, Susie was just having none of it so she knocks him out. With a fish. Crosses into Funny.
  • The fact that, at the age of around ten, Trellis is revealed to have discovered the truth behind his father's stone and the invasion of Alledia thanks to his uncle. The memory shows him reacting calmly and rationally, making determined inquiries to everything his uncle explains to him, a demonstration of how much wiser he is than even a lot of the senior stonekeepers in the story. Virgil even claims Trellis would have discovered this on his own even if he didn't tell him.
  • Trellis instantly realizing that the Earth memory is a trap set up for Emily.
  • The Firebird. It's horrifying to know that it's Emily but you can't help but look in awe of the fiery avian.
  • Firelight is one of the few volumes that The Bad Guy Wins. The Voice managed to trick Emily to fall in his trap by manipulating her worst memory and used her emotions against her. And just like The Last Council, the antagonist gets an easy win. No wonder the Voice is The Chessmaster
  • Once again the Elves shows how far clever and technologically advanced they are compared to the rest of Alledia by building an underground base in Frontera and a space station miles above. The fact that the Elven resistance managed to avoid and survive this long with the Elf King after them is no less impressive.

  • Here's the thing: we only know two ways to view memory cubes, which is either the specialized gun that Gabilan has, or the Nexus itself. Now, it's unlikely Gabilan has ever shown the Cortex to anyone or even told somebody how to view the cube for years. The Nexus is destroyed (likely on purpose ordered by the Voice) and the memory extractor is nowhere to be found but Gabilan gives the cube to Trellis anyway, whom he doesn't even tell how to view it. Anyone viewing or entering an extracted memory is likely unprecedented, because most stonekeepers are only used to travel into the Void with their current memories. The thing is, Trellis managed to figure it out on his own regardless, which all the more proves how innovative he can be.
  • Review the map of Alledia. See how far Lucien is from Ippo? Well, Riva Ash managed to get the entire refugee city of Lucien and the remnants of the human Resistance that far south. That's an Off Screen Moment Of Awesome right there.
  • Trellis has once again proved how utterly skilled he is as a stonekeeper by instantly defending himself and Vigo when Emily unexpectedly attacks.
    • The clincher is that Vigo doesn't even 'flinch''.

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