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Awesome / Ambience: A Fleet Symphony

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Warning: Unmarked spoilers ahead!

  • Chapter 195:
    • Re-class finally gets defeated by Kaga with rapid-fire archery.
    • Remodelled Zuikaku defeating Aircraft Carrier Water Demon in CQC.
  • In chapter 243, Damon and co. raid the White House to rescue prisoners and get away with it, landing right behind a large checkpoint in the process.
  • Damon's fight with Blackwood in chapter 250.
  • Chapter 292: The Shiratsuyu-class finally manage to get !Samidare to bleed.
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  • Chapter 330: With the Shiratsuyu-class' assistance, Damon uses his Yellow Reality Cancel to suppress the Blood Magic of the twisted Samidare.
  • The sheer fact that it's currently the longest work of fiction ever written, surpassing the previous record holder by 500,000 words.

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