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  • The episode "The Mission". A WW2 bomber's belly-turret gunner (and amateur artist) is caught in a no-win scenario when he's trapped in his seat and the plane can't lower its landing gear due to battle damage. After his friends try everything else, and one of them (Kiefer Sutherland, no less) is just about to give him a Mercy Kill. The gunner starts drawing big cartoony wheels for the bomber and tells the pilot to try lowering them one more time. And it works — by actually creating a pair of cartoon wheels underneath the plane. Twenty-odd tons of bomber, held up (for a few crucial minutes) by nothing but imagination and belief.
  • "Gather Ye Acorns". Jonathan finds out that after 50 years, his comics and collector's items are worth a fortune. The Casting Gag of Mark Hamill in the role fits perfectly.


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