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  • The Dear Daily Mail incident. During The Dresden Dolls set at Glastonbury Festival, Amanda suffered a Wardrobe Malfunction which was gleefully reported on by British right wing tabloid The Daily Mail, who neglected to review any other aspect of the bands performance. In response she wrote Dear Daily Mail- a song written specifically to address the situation and the sexist overtones of the newspaper, during which she stripped entirely naked and all but dared The Daily Mail to write about it. The kicker? They never did. Even more awesomely she outright encouraged fans to record her playing the song, and even hosts a bootleg of the song on her Bandcamp page.
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  • Her performance of Seerauber Jenny. Her German is perfect and the cover can still send chills up one's spine today.
  • During the Evelyn Evelyn tour across Europe, the crew got stuck in a different country because of the Iceland volcano. Instead of using her crew, Amanda pulled two fans onto the stage to stay there throughout the show and hold the webcasting laptop. She also had the opening band Bitter Ruin play the theme from Clue on her keyboard, while she ran around the stage between the songs acting out the theatre parts by herself, "Tim Curry style". Because the show was supposed to be played together with Jason Webley (who couldn't make it either), Jason joined in over Skype, with his face, accordion and ukulele playing on a laptop screen being held up next to Amanda throughout the entire gig. Oh, and the entire thing was broadcast live over the internet, with Amanda constantly talking to her online fans and tweeting.
    "The only element here that is not part of the actual Evelyn Evelyn show... is me drinking beer. *chugs*"


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