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Awesome / Alphadia Genesis

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  • Onette, a clone raised by the elderly couple at the Tranquil Lodge and dressed up like a maid, easily cleaning up and taking out the Type-Sigma and monsters that attack her parents.
  • Fray leaping from the deck of the airship to protect Corone from taking a hit to the back when she didn't have a chance to defend herself.
  • King Augustine tasks Fray with helping Corone sort out her internal dilemma after The Reveal. Walter steps in, boasts about his superiority as a knight instead of a common "guild scum" and claims to know Corone better than anyone. King Augustine gives him a verbal bitch slap by reminding Walter that he conceded defeat to Fray at the tournament and that Corone's trust is in Fray, sending Walter off the deep end.

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