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Episode 3 - Are You Receiving?

  • Dorian dropping from the ceiling and spraying the perps with bullets, without hitting any civilians like something out of a Robert Rodriguez movie.
    • In the same scene, those perps have Dorian dead to rights, when Kennex shows up, disguised as a terrorist, and saves him.

Episode 4 - The Bends

  • The fight between Dorian and the criminal organization's Android.

Episode 5 - Blood Brothers

  • When the van full of Ethan Avery clones book it from the scene, Dorian chases them down and flips the van. Barehanded.
    Stahl: Did...did Dorian just flip that van?
    Kennex: Why hasn't he done that before?
    • Note that the van was already speeding away when Dorian flipped it. He caught up with it on foot.
  • And Maldonado gives Avery an excellent "The Reason You Suck" Speech, which is in beautiful counterpoint to his Motive Rant earlier in the episode. And then the prosecutor hits on her.
  • Rudy gets a moment for rigging up an almost flawless holographic projection that fools the clones just enough to let the police get Stahl away from them.

Episode 6 - Arrythmia

  • Dorian and Kennex are chasing a suspect through a funeral home. Dorian tracks him with his software and plots an alternate route through the building. The camera cuts back to the suspect running away, when Dorian suddenly crashes through the wall RoboCop-style and knocks him out.

Episode 7 - Simon Says

  • Dorian scaling a building with a clock tower to reach a bomber and take him out in hopes of saving John (who was currently bombers last victim). He does this while operating at half capacity with energy draining by the second and also fighting his mood swings.

Episode 8 - You Are Here

  • Detective Paul's MX starts badmouthing Dorian, calling him an inferior and outdated model. Kennex presents a contrasting opinion. Also a CMOH, what with Kennex coming to Dorian's defense. (Even though he denies it later.)

Episode 9 - Unbound

  • John and Dorian's fight with Danica. Bonus points for John voluntarily going hand-to-hand with a homicidal fembot and man managing to pull a Pineapple Surprise before kicking her back with his bionic leg.
  • Dr. Vaughn managing to completely play the police, using Danica's rampage as a distraction so that he can steal back his research and escape with it.

Episode 10 - Perception

  • The visuals that happen when the drugs a Chrome takes to experience hyper awareness.
    • If you minus the cardiac arrest and potential suicide by depression part.

Episode 11 - Disrupt

  • With help from a hacker, Nico, Kennex is able to defeat android versions of S.A.M.. This was done by producing multiple versions of Kennex, confusing the bot.

Episode 12 - Beholder

  • At the beginning of the episode a Chrome is seen playing a virtual golf game. The game visually takes up an impressive amount of the room.

Episode 13 - Straw Man

  • Cupcake machine, nuff' said.
    • Though in the same context. Being able to produce a bio-printed human body, with one the only notable flaws being flat feet.