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  • Let's not forget the district finals. Akeelah was the only one to get a word wrong when there were eleven contestants remaining and the last spot seems to have been taken by a boy. Then Akeelah's sister storms in, after leaving earlier to stop her crying baby from causing a disturbance, shouting "THEY CHEATED!" because she saw his mother mouth the letter "g" to her son. When the mother is questioned on the grounds this is serious business, she defends herself saying all these kids are going to get ulcers from this competition and her son studied for hours and knew the word. Her son just says "No, I didn't." Thanks to Akeelah's sister she gets another chance and just barely makes it through the district finals.
  • Both Dylan and Akeelah in the final round of the Scripps Spelling Bee.
    • First, Akeelah when she deliberately misspells "xanthosis" because she figures Dylan needs to win more than she does because of his father and she figures that she always has next year.
    • Immediately afterward, Dylan realizes what she's trying to do and deliberately misspells the word himself, refusing to let her throw the match out of pity for him. He doesn't care that much about what his dad thinks and wants to win fair and square.
    Dylan: If you don't do your best, I don't want it.
    • Dylan and Akeelah going on to become co-champions, which is more impressive than one or the other winning because it requires them both to get through all of the remaining championship words together instead of relying on the other to get one wrong.]]
  • The montage showing Akeelah working with her "50,000 coaches," which elevates her respect for herself and her neighborhood.

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