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Awesome Moments from Season Six of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D..

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     Missing Pieces 
  • In the year that they've been searching for Fitz in space, Daisy has gained a fearsome reputation. With one wave of her hands, all of the D'rillians guns quake apart and then they run for it. Their leader doesn't last much longer.
  • Say what you will about Sarge (Coulson's evil alternate universe counterpart), but he makes a killer entrance: driving a big rig through a rip in space and emerging from the smoke.


     Window of Opportunity 
  • After tracking down their rig, May singlehandedly takes on every member of Sarge's team (save for the main man himself) and hands them their asses in true May fashion. Bonus points for rescuing their hostage in the process.

    Fear and Loathing on the Planet of Kitson 
  • Even while she's recovering from her Mushroom Samba, Daisy still wipes the floor with the Chronicom Hunters invading the casino. The awesome techno music playing throughout the fight is just the cherry on top.

    Code Yellow 
  • Mack's one-on-one with Pax, which ends with the former laying the latter out flat.
  • In a lightning-swift move, Deke disarms Sarge and impales his hand with a nearby trophy. He's kind of a moron, but people often forget he's a survivor from a truly Crapsack World.
  • Not long after, Deke takes out Jaco by tricking him into the Framework. See the series Funny page for the ridiculous details...
  • May's fight with Snowflake, which has almost John Wick levels of brutality and combat pragmatism.

     The Other Thing 
  • May managing to knock out Snowflake while still tied up. Then she gets loose and fights Sarge as well, eventually managing to overpower him.
    • Before that, the way she disposes of the Shrike. The host is no match even taking her by surprise, and when it overheats May manages to jump above and stab it through the heart while dodging the growing crystals in a spectacular way.

  • Jemma briefly subduing her nightmare self by knocking back its head with a pillow.
  • Trapped in a virtual mind prison and being tortured by each other's dark sides, what do FitzSimmons do? Use the virtual world's access to their memories to conjure up avatars of their friends to help. Cue twin Big Damn Heroes moments as Daisy shows up to kick the asses of Leopold and his HYDRA mooks to save Jemma, while Mack blasts Nightmare Simmons to save Fitz.
  • Enoch turning on the other Chronicoms to save FitzSimmons, somehow managing to disable all of them.
    Enoch: (standing over the offline Chronicoms while holding a rifle) I have taken bold action.

  • Izel saving FitzSimmons by siding up to Mr. Kitson and sticking a knife in his side, threatening to kill him if he doesn't release them.
  • Sarge anticipating SHIELD's actions and positioning himself in such a way that they have to let him go in order to secure his help against the Shrike.

     Collision Course (Part 1) 
  • Yo-Yo easily putting down Pax and Jaco's initial escape attempt.
  • Speaking of, Sarge's plan to use Jaco's portal tech to escape from the truck bomb. Bonus points for painting the entry point off of the truck onto the last place anyone would think to expect: Jaco's jacket.
  • Even if Sarge was ultimately one step ahead of them, props to Mack for forcing him to agree to his terms and thinking to follow his truck onboard a cloaked Zephyr One.

     Collision Course (Part 2) 
  • After two episodes of being Out-Gambitted, Mack turns the tables on Sarge using the man's own Defiant Captive mind games against him and then gives him a brutal beating and locks him in a cell. And unlike last time, Sarge is in no position to leverage his way to freedom.
  • Yo-Yo convincing Jaco to turn on Sarge by pointing out how Sarge has lost focus on what matters.
  • Jaco's Dying Moment of Awesome Heroic Sacrifice. He may not have been able to kill Izel, but he took out her crew and stopped the A-bomb from killing any innocent people.
  • Daisy uses her powers to not only keep the bomb from exploding when the truck collides with Izel's tower, but straight-up destroy the Shrike when they manage to come onboard.


     From the Ashes 

     The Sign 

     New Life 

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