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Aftermath of the Games

  • Puppy Spike shedding in Cinch's car. He must've heard Dean Cadance tell Sci-Twi about Cinch's allergy to dogs, and took advantage of her leaving her car unlocked to get revenge on her for using his master.
  • When Sci-Twi gets physically bullied by Fleur in the music shop, her newfound friends step in to defend her, with Vinyl Scratch banning her from the shop for six months and Rainbow Dash threatening to put Fleur in a coma if she ever hurts Twi again.
  • Cadance reveals that she caught Cinch on video blackmailing Sci-Twi to participate in the games after she had gotten suspicious about her motives, making sure that Cinch got a much more satisfying punishment than what she got in canon.
    • All of the Crystal Prep students rallying against Cinch and calling her out on her cowardliness also counts. And CHS joins them!!
    • After Cinch resigns, no school will even consider her after learning of what she had done.
  • How Princess Twilight defeated Starlight Glimmer in this universe (despite the Broken Base surrounding it); When Twilight couldn't convince Starlight to pull a Heel–Face Turn, she froze the adult Starlight in a crystal and convinced her younger self, who was living in a terrible orphanage and devastated by Sunburst leaving her to go to Canterlot, to become her personal student and come with her to the future. This not only restored the timeline, it also saved Starlight from the monster she became. Twilight managed to save Equestria, prevent the town Starlight founded from ever existing, and offer a villain a second chance at doing it over again without the memories of her previous life all in one move.


  • Along with Flash Sentry, apparently the pony counterparts of Sunny Flare, Sour Sweet, Indigo Zap, Sugarcoat, and Lemon Zest are members of the newly formed Twilight Guard.
  • Not only is it a moment of Heartwarming, the fact that human Cadance and Shining Armor were willing to put off a big wedding ceremony and having a baby until Sci-Twi was done with high school so they could focus on raising her is awesome too.
  • Sunset ascended on her own and became an Alicorn princess. It's currently unknown when she ascended but it most likely happened when she became Daydream Shimmer. After everything she has been through, she finally redeemed herself in the ultimate way.
  • During a flashback it is shown that Flash stood up to the Diamond Dudes when they were bullying Snips and Snails and got them to back off just by giving them a warning. He also somehow was able to get most of the school to apologize to them for picking on them. No wonder Sunset said he was popular around CHS.
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  • In "Interlude 1", after saving filly Starlight from her abusive orphanage, one of the first things Twilight did after getting Starlight back to the present day was to contact Foal Protection Services and arrest all of its staff for child neglect and abuse. She then personally hired trustworthy caretakers to change things there for the better. Considering how many bad orphanages in fiction aren't shown to have improved at all after the hero visits, this is a nice change of pace.
  • Human Rainbow Dash and Flash Sentry coming to Sci-Twi's rescue. Even Spike the Dog risked his life to save his master and friend.
  • Princess Twilight rebuilding Starlight's retgoned village using only her memory of the records of it from the original timeline. She even managed to find the new timeline's versions of Double Diamond, Party Favor, Sugar Belle and Nightglider and bring them together as the founding members of the community. However, how much progress there is to be made has yet to be seen.
  • When the Rainbooms' parents meet for dinner with Principal Cadence, they show how they are willing to send not just the Rainbooms themselves, but all their children to Equestria (a parallel Universe) just to keep them safe.
  • During Interlude II, the entire flashback is shown from Spike's perspective and we see he really was an Intellectual Animal before he could talk.
    • He picks up on things around him very quickly, learning the words to things by listening to Twilight and her family, and while he doesn't always understand the point to some concepts, he does know certain things about humans, like green paper is important and putting lips on someone is to show affection.
    • He was able to use a human toilet all by himself.
    • The first time he ever defended his master was when he bit Fleur in the park after she had pushed and insulted Sci-Twi right in front of him.
  • During "Humans VI", Adagio manages to escape the Changelings using nothing but some spare clothes laying around in the locker room, the keys and ID she swiped from overpowering her guards, and her wits. After hiding in one of their trucks for a ride away from their base, she slips away into the suburbs and starts planning a return to Canterlot High - all before anyone can raise an alarm.
    • And before this, Adagio faked being broken by Starlight so she could be put in a nicer room and plan said escape.
  • It might seem small compared to other events, but the fact that Berry Punch is slowly managing to overcome her drinking problem out of love for her little girl is nothing short of amazing, given how hard addictions of any kind are to overcome even in part.

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