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Awesome / Adolf Hitler: My Part in His Downfall

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  • Spike's Jewish friend Gunner Joe Mostyn goes around captured Nazi soldiers taking their watches in exchange for what he claims to the non-English-speaking soldiers is a free-pass note for good treatment. It's actually a piece of paper with the words 'Give this Anti-Semitic bastard a good kicking' on it.
  • Amongst all the craziness, it's clear that D Battery contained some legitimately badass members.
  • D Batt., 64 Hvy. Regt., R.A. twice broke the record for number of shells fired by a battery of 7.2" howitzers in a 24 hour period during the battle of Tunis. On two separate occasions, four guns fired over 2000 shells. At least one of the poor sods who was on the receiving end of the bombardment thought that twenty-four guns were targeting their position, such was the weight and rapidity of fire.

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