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  • In Keep 'Em Flying, a cadet gets his parachute caught on a plane door while trying to make a jump. The boys' friend Jinx saves him by catching him in his biplane and severing the chute cords with his propeller.
  • “Who’s on First?” The sheer verbal dexterity of the routine (Big Name Fan Jerry Seinfeld described it as being constructed like the Eiffel Tower), coupled with Bud and Lou’s ability to run through it at lightning speed without flubbing a single line after god knows how much rehearsing, made it the most famous double act routine in history, and just as gut-bustingly hilarious as when it was first performed.
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  • Aside from the duo receiving the kudos, one episode in their show entitled "Getting a Job" has them being called out by the owner of Fields Employment Agency after acting like independent bigshots.
    Mr. Fields: You came into this office like a wild man, you criticized my business and the way I run my business, you knocked my furniture, you insulted my wife. My wife! (showing his wife's photo from his desk) You realize that's the woman I married? That's the woman I love. The day I married her, she ran third of... You see? Now you've got me insulting my own wife! Don't you know that a gentleman never insults anybody? The first essential of politeness is consideration of the feelings of others? Graciousness without condescension? That's the attribute devoutly to be wished. You don't have it! Now listen to me. The next time you come into a man's place of business, always knock before you enter; and when you do come in, take off your hat. TAKE IT OFF! And when you speak to a man, address him as "sir". Sir! S-I-R, "sir"! Another thing, politeness costs you nothing. If you can't say anything nice the way a man runs his business, DON'T say anything at all! Now, I want you two hoodlums to get out of my office, and don't you dare to come back until you learn to act like gentlemen!

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