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Awesome / A Triangle in the Stars

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  • How Lars, besides one slip of facial fear, handled Bill in Chapter Four. It deserves a mention, given how he usually is. Or was, with the canon events of Wanted.
  • How Steven Q. Universe manages to stump Bill Cipher, master manipulator and motive finder, every chapter. And he doesn't even realize. Oh, and he's also both directly and indirectly responsible for reforming the demon. In a matter of days. Now, tell me that's not awesome!
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  • In Chapter Six, Sadie Miller proves herself as a badass yet again, like she had in Island Adventure, standing up to Bill Cipher himself and forcing him to lower the level of his chaos. She even pulls a Stanley Pines and traps Bill into not causing chaos at all with a deal involving his top hat, despite not knowing about his demon hood.
  • Wendy Corduroy makes an appearance in Chapter Ten, and her subsequent rescuing of Steven (and Bill, unbeknownst to her for a bit) is nothing short of awesome.
    • Wendy shows no fear towards Bill, keeping a cool, hostile attitude, and even threatening him and holding a glaring contest. It probably wouldn't have stopped if Steven hadn't realized Bill wasn't following him and hadn't come back.