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The awesome exploits of the party in A New Age can be viewed here!

  • Iria, the campaign's Meatshield and Barbarian, is often given Enlarge Potion Extracts made by the campaign's alchemist, Eliza. She had just downed said potion in order to break down a door. Strength check, fail. Bandits on the other side ask who's knocking. Strength check, fail. Second in command heads to the door to see who's there. Strength check using her Greataxe, Critical. Splits the door and the second in command in half. Bandits piss selves and freak out. Roll initiative. Iria's turn comes up and she attacks another Bandit. Another Crit. Splits that bandit in half too. And so the curbstomp continues until the leader shows up to whale on the meatshields. Iria, Mickey, and the leader, Hugo exchange blows for a bit, before Iria gets another Crit. Hugo gets his head sliced clean off. The best part? The weapon in question, a Greataxe, only crits on a natural 20, and has a crit multiplier of X3. Each Crit she did inflicted high 60's damage. At level 3.
    • And her exploits don't end there. For starters, she was the first member of the party to become a Dragoon. And she did so entirely by accident. Neither she nor Trieze were expecting the bond to develop.
    • Later on, in Deathcrag Desert whilst astride Trieze, the party is ambushed by a squadron of orcs. Iria and Trieze naturally start tearing into them. Towards the end of the fight. Iria is engaged with a pretty tough orc when suddenly she rolls three twenties in a row. This is, by the rules, an instant kill. The Orc is promptly decapitated so perfectly that a fountain of blood erupts forth from his neck. Trieze, not to be outdone, performs a crit immediately thereafter. Killing another orc. The rest of them piss themselves and attempt to flee. The party let one escape.

  • Eliza, recently discovered that she is a descendent to Baluxer, a Red Dragon, and the Campaign's Big Bad. Who also killed Eliza's entire family, including her Mother Emma, who died in her arms. In response to that revelation, she underwent a very painful ritual that turned her into a Red Half-Dragon, so she can keep up with the 5 other Party Members on her team, who all have Dragons of their own. So, after an entire Month preparing for this encounter, Eliza finally got her chance. The party finds itself fighting off a several Devils, while Baluxer is behind a Wall of Force, and 100 feet in the air. The Red Dragon is conducting a ritual that will free Tiamat from her Obsidian prison. Eliza, seeing her chance, breaks away from the party, and flies 210 at Baluxer. This feat required the use of a a double move, an extract, and a buff. Only able to reach 40 feet away from the creature that had caused her so much pain, Eliza spent a Hero Point for a chance to throw a Bomb at him. And she Crit. And Baluxer failed his Reflex save. Meaning, the Dragon was knocked out of the Sky by the force of this one bomb. The Dragon took 90 damage from the bomb, then 40 damage from that 100 foot fall. From there, Eliza continue to knock the Giant Dragon prone, every time he stood up.
    • TL;DR A Force Bomb, backed by a Hero Point, a Critical Roll, and a whole helluva lot of Passion, turned it from a thrown Bomb, into a Bomb PUNCH! A bomb punch that knocked a Dragon OUT OF THE SKY!

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