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Awesome / A Fool Named Fortune

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Original continuity:

  • Most of the fights as the story goes on get better and better, but special mention goes to Roy fighting the Reaper, especially the finishing blow.
    • Repeated again in the rematch. The best part? Since the Reaper was giving it his all, everyone else in SEES decided to join the battle as well.
  • When Fuuka blows a hole into the side of Tartarus.
  • Could double as a funny moment; Shinji mentions that he thinks Hamuko is sweeter than Mitsuru, catching the latter's frustration. His response?
    "Yeah I said it."
  • The final encounter with the recurring thug, in Chapter 53. Not only Roy and Aigis, but Fuuka and their teacher saw some action as well.
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  • For people who dislike Yukari, Chapter 5 of Answer of Aeon contains a good Shut Up, Hannibal!, courtesy of Junpei.


  • Junpei oneshots one of the Hulk Hogan Shadows.
    • Shinjiro later does the same thing to a boss Hulk Hogan Shadow ... by impaling it with a spike of rock.
  • Roy's decision to put the whole October Fourth subplot into an early grave. Between figuring out something was wrong, deciding to stop it anyway, calling Mitsuru out when she asks him who gave him the right to do so, hitting Ken with a broken table to keep him from stabbing Shinjiro with a concealed steak knife, and later explaining why the whole idea of revenge was stupid to Ken's face. That has got to take some serious balls.
  • A more Humorous example; Hamuko manages to talk everyone - including Mitsuru and Shinjiro - into the maid and butler costumes. How she did so will be a mystery for the ages ...
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  • Ken in the battle against both the Hanged Man Shadow (by managing to impale a mook shadow int the face with his spear and using said weapon as a lightning rod) AND Shadow Roy. The boy's tactics are quickly becoming TOO SUBTLE FOR ... well, for pretty much anyone.

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