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Awesome / A Fistful of Dollars

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  • Awesome Music: Ennio Morricone's score for the whole Dollars Trilogy is this in spades.
  • "Get three coffins ready."
  • During the party, Joe uses the suit of armor at the Ramon compound as target practice. Ramon then shows him how it's done, with his Winchester.
    Joe: Good shooting.
  • The finale. Ramon shoots Joe in the heart. Joe gets back up and continues his Unflinching Walk. Ramon shoots again. Joe gets back up again, all the while taunting Ramon, mockingly turning his "shoot for the heart" catchphrase back at him. Rinse and repeat until Ramon runs out of ammo. Joe then sweeps his poncho over his shoulder, revealing the armor plate that blocked every one of Ramon's shots. Then he takes out everybody except Ramon and offers him a chance to reload. Naturally, Joe is faster.
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  • Silvanito saving Joe by shooting the last remaining Rojo, Esteban, who was hiding behind a window. With a shotgun. In the face.

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