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Awesome / A Car's Life: Sparky's Big Adventure

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  • The part at the beginning where Fender stops Sparky from singing, with an interjection of "this isn't a musical!". Considering the audio in this movie, this might as well be the Moment of Awesome.
  • Never mind, the Igor scene is. Yeah it's Nightmare Fuel AND Paranoia Fuel, but it's not only the moment where Speedy realizes that Diesel is a villain (to an extent), BUT SHE DIES! The annoying, loud pink car that not even the other characters (save for Sparky and Gracie) liked is given what she deserves after half an hour of ear-grating pain! Unfortunately, it only lasts so long, but it was great while it lasted. Of course, that means we're Rooting for the Empire when we're not supposed to, but hey— if this movie can have unintentional funny moments, the same can apply to awesome moments, too.
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  • The fact that the sequels, while not amazing, actually managed to improve upon the first movie!

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