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  • In an apparent response to the criticism that the Season 3 finale took for the scene in which slaves played by local Moroccans hoist the white Daenerys into their arms and declare her "mother," a Season 4 scene featuring a nearly identical scenario includes many more white extras among the slaves.
  • After some fans complained about Jaime and Tyrion leaving on amicable terms in the series as opposed to their strained relations in the booknote , "Sons of the Harpy" seems to resolve this by showing that Jaime regrets freeing Tyrion due to him murdering Tywin, and plans to kill Tyrion if they ever meet again.
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  • Several fans feared that House Martell's seat and majority of Dorne would be downsized to the Water Gardens after the Season 5 opening labelled it as Dorne, despite that it's the name of the region. The Noble Houses of Westeros book features that Sunspear is still House Martell's main castle.
  • Many viewers were wondering, “Where the hell is Ghost?!” when Jon Snow was betrayed and stabbed by his Night’s Watch brothers. The Season 6 premiere revealed that Ghost is locked in a room, howling and trying to get out after sensing his master’s death.
  • Some viewers were questioning why Jaime didn’t bring Trystane with him while delivering Myrcella’s body to the shore of King’s Landing. The contents of Jaime’s letter to Doran revealed that he knew that Ellaria is responsible for Myrcella’s death and that Cersei won’t be satisfied with just Ellaria’s head and would hurt Trystane instead. This explains why Jaime left Trystane on the ship so he can send him home. Too bad Trystane won’t be going home alive after Obara killed him.
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  • After the unpopular detour to Dorne in Season 5, fans are thrilled that Jaime is finally heading to the Riverlands in Season 6 just like in the books. Likewise, Brienne will be going there as well which will set up their reunion.
  • Some fans have disapproved of what they view as the show's very negative portrayal of religion, especially since the books treat the subject rather fairly. Over the course of five and a half seasons, we haven't seen a single religious person who has not tried to exploit his position for some sort of ill-gotten gain. But then come Season 6 Episode 7, we are introduced to Septon Ray, working with several peasants to construct a sept and treating everyone as though they were one of his own family, even Sandor Clegane, saving him from his near-death in "The Children" and playing a role in helping Sandor find his way, albeit posthumously. The reunion of Beric and Thoros in Season 7, in conjunction with the return of Melisandre in a non-negative portrayal, also contributes.
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  • Euron Greyjoy initially was poorly received, with viewers, particularly book fans, complaining about his very plain appearance and far more dull personality compared to his book counterpart, who was an insane and charismatic pirate king. Season 7 gives Euron a makeover to make him look quite different, and he ramps up the hammy wildness and eccentricities big time. While he's still not on the same level of coolness as Euron in the books, it's agreed that this rewrite brings the show Euron closer and is much more engaging.
  • Season 7 as a whole may as well be dubbed "The Fanfic" season. Not that the show was running out of steam by any stretch, but people had become a little tired of drawn out arcs, especially involving the religious sect of the preceding season. Flash forward to now and the pacing has increased tenfold, epic battles have come aplenty, fan despised characters meet a particularly brutal end to new fan favourite villain, nearly every character has finally met one another in some capacity and even the Dany & Jon ship is setting to sail.
  • Many viewers, particularly book readers, got sick and tired of Jaime constantly being on Cersei's side despite her atrocities — even using the caches of wildfire to blow up half of King's Landing, which he'd outright killed Aerys the Mad King for trying to do! — which in turn delayed any path of redemption he could take. In the Season 7 finale, Cersei reveals that she has no intention of aiding Jon and Daenerys and has decided to let the White Walkers kill her enemies, which causes Jaime to realize that his sister/lover is indeed a selfish bitch. And he finally walks out on her.
  • Some viewers were annoyed that Khal Drogo was given a Draco in Leather Pants treatment, as even though Dany did come to love him later, he still raped her on their wedding night and then multiple times afterwards until she was able to communicate with him enough to turn the situation around, massacred plenty of innocent people and was a ruthless barbarian, but the show treats him like a noble leader and his death as sad. Come Season 7 and during her rant to Jon Snow, Dany specifically brings up being raped with quite a lot of vitriol, showing that even if she did love Drogo, she has not forgotten what he did.
  • Ghost, after being sparingly used in most of the series and not even showing up in Season 7, has at least a few cool scenes in Season 8.

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