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Audio Play / Playing Gods

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A Science Fantasy Audio Play written by Chris and Karen Rohan and produced by Graphic Audio.

Xriah and Vylis, two avatars, both empowered with differing superhuman abilities, are repeatedly thrust into wildly varying worlds to do battle on behalf of their respective deities. Though the nature of their deities is shrouded in mystery, both avatars' faith in their purpose is strong and unwavering.

On each successive world they seek one another out, and then it is a battle to the death, despite the fact that both the defeated and victor alike are reborn and plunged into yet another world, to begin the fight all over again.

And as they continue their endless battle the real victims are the inhabitants of the avatars' battlefields.

The avatar Vylis feels nothing but the joy of the game, the sport of defying expectations, and exploiting the true weakness of his nemesis avatar, namely: that Xriah has come to care for the unfortunate denizens of the worlds upon which this world-crushing game is played.


Tropes include;

  • Blood Knight: Vylis always looks forward to his and Xriah's fights.
  • Chronic Hero Syndrome: Xriah feels responsible for every world he and Vylis are sent to and tries his best to keep the inhabitants safe.
  • Evil Brit: Vylis speaks with a very thick Cockney accent, though whether or not he's from any version of England is unknown.
  • For the Evulz: Vylis terrorizes every world he and Xriah are sent to and has no other motivation other than being an evil piece of shit who genuinely enjoys causing death and misery for its own sake.
  • Death Is Cheap: Xriah and Vylis's fights are to the death. Their respective gods resurrect the loser for the next one.
  • The Multiverse: Each of Xriah and Vylis's duels take place in a different unviverse.
  • Playing with Fire: Vylis can manipulate blue flames.
  • Shock and Awe: Xriah can manipulate purple electricity.