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A Slenderman Musical is a musical created by Paul Shapera, first published in 2015. As the name may imply, the Slenderman plays a large role in this musical; however, though it plays with horror tropes, it is not a horror story in and of itself. In the musical, Timothy, having run away from home because of him being hunted by the Slenderman and wracked by PTSD, comes across a mysterious woman, Zoe, in the town of Pocatello, Idaho. They talk over many nights and commisirate over the sad events of their lives. However, when the Slenderman catches up to them, they both learn deep and shocking secrets about one another. Meanwhile, the denizens of an Abbey sitting on the "bubble" of the world and in a reality more primal and real than our own want the Slenderman for their own reasons. These two plots intertwine with one another, coming to a climax in the third act. You can listen at or on YouTube.

A Slenderman Musical contains examples of:

  • Breaking the Fourth Wall : The Librarians seem completly aware that they're in a fictional world and that there's an audience out there.
The Librarians: We see many things we do
And yes, dear listener, we see you
  • Genre Shift: From creepy, paranoia-inducing horror to a surrealist sex comedy that ends when the Big Bad, an Eldritch Abomination that spawned the first humans, gets bribed into leaving humanity alone by giving her a video game.
  • Greek Chorus : The Redneck Greek Chorus tends to offer observations and subtle commentary on the goings-on of the musical
Redneck Greek Chorus: All falls round as you go
Along the black mountain road
  • "Somewhere" Song: "Chilling at the Motel 6" In this, Timothy and Zoe both sing about the safe, ordinary life they had once lived, which now seems like a far away, golden dream, ephemeral and unattainable.
  • Symbiotic Possession : Timothy is possessed by Zoe, and though she has control of the body, it's to save his life. Furthermore, they chat amicably and control of his body is returned to him in the third act.
  • Three-Way Sex : Many examples: Timothy and Zoe discussing how sex with the girl she hit on might be able to work, considering that they're sharing the same body, Jordan, Samuel, and the Slenderman in The Time at Last, and Samuel in Timothy's body giving a handjob to the Slenderman
  • Twist Ending : In the original version of the musical, after talking about parting ways and what Timothy will do with the Slenderman, he shoots the Slenderman point-blank right after Zoe leaves.
  • Unfinished Business : Zoe is a ghost and is sticking around to find her wife's daughter, whom the Slenderman stole, and bring her back to her wife.
  • Was Once a Man: According to The Path From Lost Hollow To New Albion, "Mother" used to be a post-human woman named Sarah McKiggan until "a nasty bit of business" happened that turned her into a full-blown Eldritch Abomination.