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  • Union Jackie in Fans!! hides a narcissistic, self-obsessed craving to be the centre of all attention beneath a bubbly, perky exterior and Fake Brit accent; when she learned that Will was interested in her, she loudly and publicly shot him down, going so far as to shamelessly flirt with another guy almost immediately afterwards. She was genuinely shocked when Will's friends told her that they didn't really like her that much as a result of this. Then, when it looked like Will had moved on and was attracted to someone else, she immediately launched a campaign to outshine her plainer rival and once more be the centre of his universe, shamelessly leading him on - this fails, however, and Will ends up with the other girl. By the end of the first run of the strip, when it seems like her self-obsession has almost doomed humanity, she eventually resolves to change her ways.
    • Mentioned in-continuity by said rival, in fact, when they faced down a horde of mechanical spiders that caused them all to be mentally consumed by their worst fears/personal versions of hell.
    Shana: Jeezum Crow, it really is all about you, isn't it? (As she was trying to snap Will out of his own fugue-state)
    • Bonus points: This was the exact point Jackie started her campaign, and did it in a truly underhanded manner. She hypnotized him with certain triggers that were supposed to push him further towards her.
  • Cosplay Girl from Ghastly's Ghastly Comic. In one strip she strolled down the street in a string bikini - in January, in Hamilton, Ontario. "In Canada, winter is what separates true attention whores from the posers." "You crazy bitch, your nipple just poked out my eye!"
  • Sinfest:
  • The Order of the Stick:
    • Julia Greenhilt. Not only is she The Alpha Bitch of her school, but she absolutely needs to have attention focused on her, whether that means shaking her boobs or exploiting her familial ties to The Hero. Nale eventually calls her out on it when she assumes he killed the guard captain just to recapture her.
    • Nale accusing Julia of being this is somewhat hilarious, as he himself is a psychotic egomaniac who cares more about everyone acknowledging his greatness and cleverness than actually carrying out his schemes effectively. He's summed up thusly:
      Your brother was a disorganized buffoon who cared more about satisfying his own ego than any realistic plan for world domination. All he ever cared about was that everyone knew HE was the victor, even when the situation called for keeping a low profile.
      • General Tarquin is not exactly one to talk; his ambition to be eternally remembered and admired as the Big Bad in a heroic tale is attention whoring from a Functional Genre Savvy level. He knows there will be an audience for the story of his downfall, and he wants them to love him so his legacy will live forever. Unfortunately for him, this isn't that story, and trying to force the issue ultimately gets him abandoned in the desert with no resolution.
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  • Miriam of Out There is an unabashed attention whore. She is completely aware of it, and often refers to it self-deprecatingly. At times she comments on how shallow and ultimately unfulfilling it is, but that doesn't mean she doesn't still ''really'' dig it.
  • The Fame Vampires and even more so Fame Vultures (the latter being has-beens who will do anything for attention) in Bruno the Bandit parody this kind of behaviour among celebrities.
  • Avery in Ozy and Millie.
  • Miranda, Jade's sister, from PvP. To the point that she got upset when their father brought home a locket for Jade, and nothing for her. The kicker? It was Jade's Sweet Sixteen.
  • Shelly of Wapsi Square was a bit like this before her first round of Character Development. While she was more subdued than some people on this page, this exchange really sealed it:
    Monica: Geeze Shelley, there's a difference between good and bad attention.
    Monica: Well?!
    Shelly: Oh, I was waiting to hear what the difference was.
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  • Cerise in Magick Chicks. Even after she is recognized as one of the school's elite, she isn't happy because Melissa is also gaining popularity thanks to her combat prowess. Cerise doesn't just want more attention than Melissa, she wants all of the attention. Cerise is driven to learn forbidden magicks in a bid to defeat Melissa, but gets curbstomped for her troubles.
  • Homestuck:
  • Sequential Art: Kat's rival Hillary is essentially this trope. Her hatred for Kat is initially explained as simply her being an Alpha Bitch. Roughly 700-some-odd strips in, it is explained that Hillary started bullying Kat in third grade because she believed that she would have to compete with Kat for popularity since they both had the same coveted lunchbox. As an adult, she thrives on any positive attention she receives (usually revolving around her sex appeal), uses sex to get what she wants, and will do and say anything to draw decidedly negative attention to Kat.
  • White Dark Life: Priscilla, being a pride demon, will fight tooth and nail for any attention she can get at any given moment as she actually gets stronger the more people pay attention to her. Her powers even reflect this by being Light based with a focus on using it like a spotlight.


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