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One of the rules of fanfiction is anyone can be the main character, even if they had three seconds of screentime in the source material.


  • Launch from Dragon Ball gets this a lot. While her canon counterpart was Put on a Bus forever, she will be remembered and, many times, brought back into the story, usually as a Love Interest for someone. And that someone is usually her crush, Tien.
  • Many fanfics of Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade do this for the Tactician, who in the game was an O.C. Stand-in who never spoke and had little bearing on the plot. Examples include A Tactician's Testimony and Fire Emblem Rekka No Ken: A Story Retold.
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  • Harry Potter: Ever since Blaise Zabini shared a train compartment with Draco, he's shown up in countless fanfics as Draco's BFF. This is particularly noticeable when authors fail to get the few facts we do know about him, such as his dark skin or that his mother has married seven times (with a very strong implication that she's a Black Widow).
  • Sailor Moon: Jadeite was the first villain the girls ever faced and was done away with after a few episodes, but latched onto by fanfic writers because he didn't explicitly die, suffering a Fate Worse than Death instead. Also, a Monster of the Week called Thetis is often adopted with him, as she has much more personality to work with than the other monsters and has a notable crush on Jadeite.
  • The Suite Life of Zack and Cody: Max, who appeared in only six episodes of the very long series, usually gets this treatment. Partially due to being played by Alyson Stoner, partially due to her Deadpan Snarker nature, and partially due to being more bearable than whatever Girl of the Week Zack was with.
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  • In the Stargate 'verse, Feretti was a member of the original film's team, and carried on into the SG-1 premiere movie... only to vanish, being seen once more and mentioned once after that. At first, it was thought that it was due to his actor's unavailability, but SG-1 long outlasted Brent Stait's other role, and the actor has even returned to Stargate as non-Feretti people. Naturally, many a fanfic promotes him back to his original role as a main player and good friend to O'Neill. Canonically, he was last known to be the leader of SG-2, so whenever SG-1 needs backup, he's usually the guy leading it - especially after Colonel Makepeace, the guy who really did have that role in the actual series, was revealed to be The Mole.



Ace Attorney

Adventure Time

  • Half Past Adventure does this with quite a few characters, making the Duke of Nuts the main character's adoptive father and Huntress Wizard her first real mentor in heroism.


  • Sasha and the Frogs: Felicia Sundew is given a backstory as a traveling maid who then learned how to cook.


  • In the new timeline created in Animorphs Redux, events were arranged so that Melissa Chapman discovered the morphing cube rather than David, resulting in her becoming the new member of the Animorphs.
    • Also used with Loren, who goes from a minor character discovered towards the end of the war in a crippled, amnesic condition to a valuable asset and ally.
    • Can be argued that this applies for Belle; technically an OC, she identifies herself as the Chee who typically takes Rachel’s place when circumstances require the Animorphs to be away on missions.


  • To Hell and Back (Arrowverse):
    • Samantha Arias and her daughter Ruby appear much earlier than they did in canon, and have their roles expanded by becoming the respective best friends of Kara and Kal-El. No doubt, this was to make Sam's eventual transformation into Reign all the more tragic.
    • Astra In-Ze, Kara's aunt, remains the Big Bad of the story's equivalent to Supergirl (2015)'s Season One, and even survives past her defeat at the end of the arc, being slated for future appearances.
    • Bette Sans Souci survives past her debut episode, helps take down Eiling, and joins Task Force X.

The Black Cauldron


  • Winter War has a lot of these, ranging from Minor Major Characters like Sasakibe, who goes from "the Lieutenant of First Division who never does anything" to a more fleshed-out character and a mainstay of La Résistance, to characters who had brief importance in canon and haven't been seen since (Shiba Kuukaku, Rikichi, Inoue Sora) and become pivotal again in the fic, to Omake characters like Shirogane and Ogidou getting personalities and plot importance, to literal Ascended Extras like Ito- who seems to be the nameless guy with the blond mohawk in the Eleventh Division ending of the anime.


  • BloodRayne: Chronicles of Blood: The Antebellum Thirties: In the original game, Marassa was only mentioned as collaborating with Jürgen Wulf and never actually seen. Here, she has a more active role and physically appears, being more of a threat to Rayne.

Boy Meets World / Girl Meets World

  • The Minkiad: Stuart and Jennifer Minkus are main characters. Besides them, we also get to peer into the recent lives of minor Boy Meets World characters such as Libby, Dana, Meese, Ingrid, Loni, Stuart, Sherry, and Claire, Jason and hear about T.K. and Desiree. We also get to reunite with important characters from BMW that have yet to appear in GMW, such as Morgan and Rachel, and hear about Joey. Alvin Meese’s portrayal in the Minkiad began this way. The fact that at one time he worked at Minkus International and had been fired was only meant to be a throw-away gag line in UIOW to show another BMW grad still in their universe. After a while, the author began to explore the possibilities of Alvin Meese being the type of character that would have many of Stuart Minkus’ flaws (arrogance, conceit, know-it-all attitude) but none of his virtues (loving father, hidden kindness, friendships). So she expanded Meese’s role in LOG and developed his and Minkus’ antagonistic relationship accordingly.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  • A combination of this and Posthumous Character, in All These Things That I’ve Done, depicting a world where Angelus was never cursed, Buffy is mentioned as having dated Ben Mitchell before Angelus killed him. Ben’s only appearance in canon was to ask Buffy to a dance in "I Only Have Eyes For You", but the author felt that Ben was the better option for Buffy’s Angel-less romantic interest when the alternatives at this time were Owen and Scott, both of whom made bad decisions where Ben seemed like a genuinely nice guy.

Cardcaptor Sakura

  • Shadow of the Dragon: The four classmates (Chiharu, Rika, Naoko, and Takashi) of Sakura's school are promoted into major characters as the fan fiction explores their lives as well as their own struggles.

Castlevania (2017)

  • In season two, there is mention of an old village healer who was running out business from Lisa's more effective medicine, so she told the local church that she was a witch, but is otherwise never seen on-screen. In Turning Point, she was the first to suffer Dracula's rampage for his wife's near-death, being made an example of to the rest of the village.

Code Geass

  • Code Geass Megiddo expands the roles of several minor characters in addition to the numerous Original Characters that flesh the story out. Of note are the Knights of the Round, particularly Dorothea Ernst, who at the most got thirty seconds of free time in the series proper. Here, she has a brother who doubles as the Knight of Two that is a very capable strategist, to the point that here, he is the only person besides Schneizel to beat Lelouch in chess (they only ever played one game, but still...). Dorothea is also the secret wife of the Knight of One, Bismarck Waldstein, and the mother of his child, Roland. She also got along with Lelouch, who was Bismarck's student during the eight years his memories were suppressed, and held him in such high esteem that she allowed him to hold their child; she's also aware that Lelouch is Zero, and like Bismarck, is conflicted knowing that they will eventually have to face him in battle.
  • A Cold Calculus has Naomi Inoue, mainly notable for being voiced by Kikuko Inoue; she becomes the most prominent character of the resistance group after Kallen. She even gets a few POV chapters, doing things like taking point in the Refrain arc and reaching out to Kyoto House.
  • Zero of the Black Crusade: Rivalz Cardemonde in Code Geass was Lelouch's Muggle Best Friend at Ashford Academy. Here, after being killed during the Battle of Narita, he is rebuilt by Britannian scientist as a cyborg, and once liberated by Lelouch, rises up as the nicknamed 'Blue Unicorn' (thanks to a horn-like addition to his metallic form) and becomes part of a Power Trio with Lelouch and Suzaku.

Danny Phantom

  • Facing the Future Series: In one episode of Danny Phantom, Tucker's wish for a ghost half like Danny was considered as disposable as anything else Desiree conjured up, but in this story, he becomes a villain in his own right.
    • Danielle as well, who makes a few more appearances and and ends up being adopted by the Fentons, joining Team Phantom.

DC Comics (General)

Death Note

  • Xanatos does this with Matt, who went from One-Scene Wonder of 16-panel and 30-second fame in canon to becoming one of the main characters. In fact, L needs him specifically to not only solve the Kira investigation, but also to resolve the tension between Near and Mello.
    • And then there's Lindanote , who also seems to be a central character. Though as of late she's been Put on a Bus.


  • Davis's Time Travel Adventure: Jun Motomiya from Digimon Adventure 02 was primarily known for having a rough relationship with her brother Davis and being a Stalker with a Crush to Matt before he started dating Sora. In the fanfic, she becomes more protective of her brother after he was injured by Myotismon's Nightmare Claw during the invasion. Eventually she became the partner Digidestined to another Ascended Extra: Andromon.
  • Zero 2: A Revision: In this remake of Digimon Adventure 02, previous villains like Devimon, Demon, and Dragomon that were shoved aside and only briefly appeared receive much more screen time and personality than their original counterparts especially the case of the latter.


  • In the Expanded Universe of author A.A. Pessimal, Ascended Extras who may be no more than throwaway names and non-speaking one-line spear-carriers in Canon become rounded-out central characters alongside the established cast. Some, like Howondalandian Assassin Johanna Smith-Rhodes have become stars in their own right; a recurring line in reviews by fans is that they can't see the join where Pratchett ends and Pessimal begins.

Dragon Age

Dragon Ball

  • Dragon Ball Z Dynasty has many examples:
    • The biggest ones are Raditz, Bardock and Gine. The former was DBZ's Starter Villain, and never appeared again or even mentioned after his death, while the latter two are Posthumous Characters. Here, they're brought to life at the beginning and go on becoming main characters.
    • Launch. In the manga, she stopped appearing after the original Dragon Ball finished its run, with Toriyama himself admitting he forgot about her. Here, she has a much bigger role, being both Bulma's best friend and Raditz's eventual wife, whom with she has a daughter with.
    • Suno was a very minor character in the original Dragon Ball. Here, she returns during the Android Saga, becoming a recurring character as well as Yamcha's love interest.
    • Same goes with Android 8/"Eighter", who only appeared in the Red Ribbon saga. Like Suno, he returns before the Cell Saga, and even strikes a friendship with Android 16 due their similar personalities.
    • Android 17, thanks to never being absorbed by Cell has a much bigger role in the Android/Cell Saga than in canon.
  • In the Dragon Ball Z fanfiction The Erased Chronicles, Erasa was given this treatment big time. In the canon she was a simple Satellite Character who had a crush on Gohan, though Gohan ended up with her Tsundere friend, Videl. In The Erased Chronicles, however, her role is elevated far beyond everyone else, becoming a strong character in her own right, up to the point where she is strong enough to stand against Super Buu. She even ends up as Gohan's wife, and the mother of his daughter, Pan (Videl, meanwhile, ends up with Trunks instead).

Fairy Tail

  • Mira's demon forms in Alternate Tail Series are this thanks to Mira becoming a main character, with each one receiving personality quirks and traits. Even her unnamed Satan Soul is given the name Beelzea, and is the most prominent with interacting with Mira.

Final Fantasy

  • Cissnei's Path: Cissnei, Kunsel, and the Summonings are bumped up to greater roles. Cissnei is the party's tactician, Kunsel is the Sixth Ranger, and the Summonings offer wisdom and guidance.
  • Fate Deceived: Fellow SeeD graduate Xu was originally a secondary character who ultimately wasn't any of the main protagonists and by Disc 2 fell off the map. She is given a much larger role to play in the story. To a lesser extent, the library girl barely mentioned in Final Fantasy VIII that Zell took a fancy to is actually given a name, Malita, and is the focus of a single chapter.
  • The Fifth Act: Kunsel, the Mr. Exposition of Crisis Core, is upgraded to a Knowledge Broker and First Class candidate in his own right and becomes a close friend to Cloud.
  • Us and Them: Jessie is a relatively minor character in Final Fantasy VII canon, being killed off fairly early in the game, but here she's a major character and Aeris' friend.

Fire Emblem

Forever Knight

  • In the Continuation Fic FK4, Urs, a vampire character who appeared in four episodes of Season 3, becomes part of the main cast.

Girls und Panzer

  • Erika The Radical has the titular character Erika Itsumi elevated to protagonist and commander of the new Kuromorimine team, while Komue Akaboshi, who only gets like one line in the anime Girls und Panzer becomes her 2nd in command, with much more influence in the fic. Many unnamed background characters also get names, characterization, and a bigger spotlight.

Jackie Chan Adventures

  • Jackie Chan Adventures: Olympian Journey: Vanessa Barone, Kuniko Kasahara/Origami and the old monk from the episode "The Lotus Temple" were originally one-shot villains that only appeared in filler episodes. Here, they fill the (now post-Heel–Face Turn) Enforcers' usual role of the Big Bad's main henchmen. The monk even gets a name (Zhixin), which he lacked in canon.

Harry Potter

  • Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality does this a fair bit; some characters with only background roles in the original series have much more fleshed out parts, most notably Blaise Zabini.
  • The Power of Seven sees Demelza Robbins, Susan Bones, and Katie go from peripheral acquaintances of Harry’s to part of his ‘harem’ to save his life.
  • Weasley Girl: Neville and Ginny get larger roles in the series than in canon, becoming part of Harry's inner circle of friends much earlier. The second fic in the series also gives a much larger role Colin Creevey, who gets included in "Potter's Gang" along with Ginny — and the same fic also makes Crookshanks a major presence.

High School D×D

  • In Rude Awakening Redux, several characters who were only mentioned or have very few appearances in canon are full-blown main characters, including Bafeel Furcas, Alivian, and Seekvaira Agares who has only appeared sporadically in the light novels and anime.

Invader Zim

  • The New Adventures of Invader Zim does this with Invader Tenn. In canon, she had a silent cameo in the pilot and a couple of scenes in one other episode. Here, her presence helps give a massive boost to the Story Arc, and the Tallest end up ordering her to be Tak's partner in conquering Earth.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

  • A Peaceful Afterlife: Many of DIO's men go from one-off villains to members of his elite gang. The biggest examples are Gray Fly and the fake Captain Tennille, who are recurring antagonists and much more powerful than in canon.

Jurassic World

  • Due to its Adaptation Expansion nature, The Geeky Zoologist's reimagining of Jurassic World has several minor or unnamed characters from the film going through varying levels of this.
    • In the film, the trio made by Hal Osterly, Erica Brand and Jim Drucker appears only in one scene. Here, these characters are part of the group that goes to the Indominus' coliseum in the context of a preview visit and are given more lines.
    • Leon, the young man who falls in the raptor paddock in the film, is promoted to the status of secondary character once the story reaches the achillobators' arc.
    • The unnamed Ingen contractor with whom Hoskins talks on the beach and who is seen evacuating Wu in the film is given here a name and more lines. He also has been promoted to the role of Ingen Security's number two.

Kamen Rider

  • Horseshoes and Hand Grenades: Every named character from Kamen Rider Fourze has appeared and each of them has been capable of kicking ass. They each have their own backgrounds and relationships, and multiple stories that explain the fights they get involved in.

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

The Legend of Zelda

Lilo & Stitch

  • The Fire of Futures Past has Bonnie (Experiment 149) as a main character, providing a lot more dialogue than in her three episodes of Lilo & Stitch: The Series combined. Nani, who tells the first campfire story of the fic, uses the thieving experiment as the villain of her story, while Bonnie herself gets to tell the second story. Heckler (Experiment 322), who only appeared in one episode of The Series, gets more dialogue than before as well, and also tells the sixth story of the night. However, the biggest example in this fic would have to be Leroy. After crashing the family fun night and telling a campfire story (the third one, in fact), the main plot shifts to the Pelekai 'ohana trying to convince the Grand Councilwoman that Leroy has reformed and he should not be sent back to Galactic Prison.

Lyrical Nanoha

  • Blood That Flows:
    • Yunno, of course. So much so that he becomes an Adaptational Badass.
    • Shiro, who manages to hold his own when traveling with his family and friends through Lina's homeworld. It helps he temporally wielded the magic absorbing Blast Blade before relinquishing it to Gourry.
    • The Shine arc tosses in Miyuki as the new owner of Gorun Nova and Suzuka and Arisa, who finds themselves drawing the attention of Riksfalto.
  • Game Theory has quite a few. Tiida Lanster, Quint Nakajima, Megane Alpine, Linith, and Nanoha's mother were all fairly minor characters in canon, but they've been given significantly expanded roles in this story. But the most prominent example is Vesta, who was just a nameless kitten in the original work. In Game Theory she becomes Nanoha's familiar.
    • Not to mention Alicia Testarossa in the sequel.

The Matrix

  • In What If?, in the absence of the Oracle, Neo and ‘Thalia’ are aided by Natalie, one of the Oracle’s potentials and the only one to survive the attack on her apartment.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

  • madsthenerdygirl's MCU Rewrites has several examples:
    • Age of Ultron Redux: Fic Version: as opposed to just being mentioned in a throwaway line in the film, Jane Foster and Pepper Potts have appearances in the story (the former having a cameo and the latter having a role in the story). Betty Ross is also added to the story.
    • New Avengers: More focus is given to Sam Wilson/Falcon, James "Rhodey" Rhodes/War Machine, Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver, Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch, and Vision as they become the new Avengers team and face off against Sinthea Shmidt/Sin and Viper/Madame Hydra and the remnants of the HYDRA organization.
    • Black Widow is intended to be the solo film of Natasha Romanov/Black Widow and details her origins: from her training in the Red Room to meeting Clint Barton/Hawkeye and joining SHIELD and redeeming herself.
    • Captain America: Ghosts of HYDRA: As this story is part of the author's Adaptation Expansion of Captain America: Civil War, numerous characters are given more attention and development. Sharon Carter is given more focus as she helps Steve Rogers/Captain America find James "Bucky" Barnes/The Winter Soldier and take down what's left of HYDRA. Brock Rumlow/Crossbones serves as the Big Bad of the installment. Pepper Potts also appears at Tony Stark's presentation at MIT and comforts him after Tony discovers that Bucky killed his parents under the control of HYDRA.
    • Avengers: Civil War: As this story is another part of the author's Adaptation Expansion of Captain America: Civil War, numerous characters are given more attention and development. Scott Lang appears near the start of the story rather than showing up in the middle of it. Nick Fury and Maria Hill also make appearances in the story and are respectively on the anti- and pro-registration sides. Pepper Potts also appears and is mentioned to be Tony's fiancée. Sharon and Maria are the ones who assist in breaking some of the anti-registration members out of the Raft Prison and blow it up. The final scene of the story shows Thor and Heimdall observing these events with Thor declaring that the Avengers will be reunited after their disbandment.

Medaka Box

  • World As Myth takes this Up to Eleven; probably half of the canon cast (protagonists and villains alike) are shuffled out for characters who only had bit parts in the original manga. Yet surprisingly, everyone stays in character. Most of the time.

Mega Man

  • Mega Man: Defender of the Human Race:
    • Doc the Metool, who only appeared in the first episode of the show, is here a more prominent character who bonds deeply with Roll. And then he dies.
    • Newswoman Bree Ricotta gets a lot more screentime, as do other cartoon-exclusive humans.
    • Oneshot crook Ms. Lapierre returns in episode 7, having stolen Knight Man.
    • In a non-show example, the Mad Grinder from Mega Man 7 appeared only in the game's intro, serving as a Warm-Up Boss. In the fanfic, the Mad Grinder is Project G-2, and is as tall as he was in the intro cutscene.
  • Mega Man Recut: Doc the Metool, referred to in this story simply as Met, becomes a recurring character rather than a one-shot character like in the show. Additionally, many guest Robot Masters gain more screentime, and thus more personality, as do many cartoon-exclusive humans.
  • Mega Man ZX Enforcers: Biometal Model O, a non-canon "bonus" Biometal in the first ZX game, is stated as having been stolen from the Guardians alongside Models F, L, H, and P (thus technically making Vent and Aile's acquisition of it canon by this story's standards), but had no Biomatch and was thrown out. Model O is now used by Taylor, a new main character. Model O actually speaks in this story, but is FAR calmer than the Reploid he's based on.
  • Rise Of The Chosen: In Mega Man Zero, Colbor originally existed to be rescued from Harpuia. In this story, he is one of the Guardians' best commanders, second only to Prairie.

Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch

  • Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Duo: Meru, who only appeared in two episodes of the original anime, becomes a recurring character, even moving into the Pearl Piari.
    • The cosmetics robot from "Electric Nightmare" is slated for future appearances.

My Hero Academia

  • The Emerald Phoenix has Inasa and Camie join U.A. in Class 1-A in place of Mashirao and Rikido due to the author finding the former pair much more interesting than the latter. Inasa also befriends Izuku while the latter is training under All Might.
  • Green Tea Rescue:
    • In canon, Shinso is a secondary character that was only prominent in two arcs. Here, not only is he part of 1-A class from the very beginning but one of Izuku's closest friends.
    • In the same vein, Toga is also a member of class 1-A and close friend of Izuku rather than being a member of the League of Villains.
  • Frequent in the For The Want of a Nail series:
    • Mastermind: Strategist for Hire has Detective Tsukauchi as the Hero Antagonist trying to find and capture Izuku (aka Mastermind), rather than a Recurring Extra.
    • Amplifier plays a much larger role in the story in Viridian: The Green Guide, being the first Pro Hero Izuku comes across in his vigilante career and the reason the local Pro Heroes know about him and treat him as an early-warning system for nearby crimes, rather than making a one-scene appearance in My Hero Academia: Two Heroes.
    • Cheat Code: Support Strategist features multiple:
      • Mei goes from being an occasional Comic Relief character who appears whenever the hero students need something from the support course to being Izuku's first friend (and eventual love interest, according to the tags).
      • Power Loader also becomes much more important, being one of Izuku's main teachers, along with the head of the course that he's in.
      • Nedzu becomes Izuku's primary teacher for the Analysis course, with Izuku being his personal student.
      • Hitoshi Shinsou was originally a minor character from the Sports Festival Arc, while here, Izuku decides to take him on as a student of his own.
  • Yesterday Upon The Stair has Iida Tensei, whose death means that he has a more prominent role in Izuku's story and Ochako, who is included in the Kamino Ward arc due to Izuku being kidnapped along with Bakugou.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

  • The Eclipseverse has Mr. Trick/Tirek. In both G1 and G4, he was "just" an Arc Villain. Here, however, his role is far grander: He not only plays a role in the Creation Myth, he somehow manages to be both the Big Bad and the Greater-Scope Villain at the same time, and he seems to have some form of connection with one of the main characters.
  • The Elements of Friendship: Moondancer, who had not yet appeared on the show proper, is onscreen and even travels with the Mane Six a bit in Book I. She's secretly evil.
  • My Little Mages: The Nightmare's Return: Nightshade is, according to Word of God, based on the lead illusionary Shadowbolt created by Nightmare Moon in the second part of the show's pilot. Said character had less than half-a-dozen lines and was only around for less than two minutes in the show; here, she's a member of the Quirky Miniboss Squad.
  • Rainbooms and Royalty: Ditzy Doo/Derpy Hooves ends up playing a major role in the story, and becomes a prominent secondary character in the sequels.
    • Zecora, while not an extra on the show, gets a much-expanded role in the story.
  • The Undesirables: The lead characters all hold relatively minor roles in the show itself, with some only having one appearance in total. Here they're the entire focus of the story.
  • The Vinyl Scratch Tapes turns the spotlight on DJ-P0n3 and Octavia. In canon, these characters have had only brief cameos with no dialogue, and they haven't even met. In the fic, they become Vitriolic Best Buds...and eventually move in together.


  • A Growing Affection makes Yugao Uzuki a major supporting character. She has a romantic subplot, gets her own team, and gets a Back Story linking her to Anko and Iruka, who also appear in a more pivotal role in this story.
  • Legend of the Blind Ninja
  • Son of the Sannin: Some examples include:
    • Hinata's mother, who was only shown in a brief scene of the anime and not even given a proper name, in this story becomes head of the Hyuga Clan after her husband Hiashi is killed during the Uchiha Insurrection.
    • Shisui Uchiha, who was a Posthumous Character in canon, becomes a major supporting character as well as Shizune's love interest.
    • The aforementioned Shizune, who in canon was little more than Tsunade's assistant, goes on to become a very important influence in Naruto's life as his Cool Big Sis. In addition to having Shisui as a love interest, she even becomes the jonin sensei of a medical genin team.
    • In the manga, Haku dies relatively early. Here, he becomes Naruto’s teammate.
    • Speaking of Naruto's team, Kurenai replaces Kakashi as his Jonin instructor.
    • In canon, Tamaki is a very minor character, her only appearances in the manga being in the Itachi Pursuit Mission arc and in the Distant Finale. Here, she becomes a supporting character due to moving to Konoha and joining Naruto’s class after the Uchiha Coup.
    • Fu the Nanabi Jinchuriki. In canon, she is a posthumous character whose only role is an Edo Tensei zombie during the Fourth World War arc. Here, she appears as early as the Chunin Exams, and even though she leaves the story as soon as they end, she later returns during the Hidan and Kakuzu arc, and becomes a mainstay of the story from that point onwards.
    • For a villainous example, Toneri. His only notable role is that of a one-time movie villain. Here, while his goal from his movie is the same, he has a much more active role in story, from being the true mastermind of the Hyuga Affair to later being inducted into the Akatsuki in Shippuden.
  • True Potential is famous for this trope. The most prominent example is Anko, who becomes Naruto's Jonin-sensei, and Hinata and Shikamaru, who become Naruto's new teammates, but there are also characters who were hardly featured in the manga that get much bigger roles here, such as the Jinchuriki (Han, Roshi, Utakata and Yagura. Fuu, Yugito Ni and Killer B have made their appearances in the Shippuden timeframe), the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist other than Zabuza, Kishame and Chojuro, and Kurotsuchi (who becomes Shikamaru's love interest).

One Piece

  • Brother on Board:
    • After Little Garden, the Straw Hats recruit Ayako (a.k.a. Miss Goldenweek) to join the crew.
    • Galdino (a.k.a. Mr. 3) is brought along with the Straw Hats as Ayako's 'baggage'.
    • Miss Valentine is brought along with the Straw Hats to deal with the amnesia she got when Sabo used her as a battering ram to escape Mr. 3's Candle Service Set. She elects to stay on Drum Island as Kureha's new assistant, as much to hide from Baroque Works as to atone for what she did as part of it.
  • This Bites!: The Cross-Brain seems to enjoy taking seemingly insignificant characters and expanding on them.
    • Some cases are as simple as them joining the Straw Hats unexpectedly, such as Lassoo in Chapter 22 at Mr. 4's request, Conis and Su in Chapter 31, and Funkfreed in Chapter 43.
    • Others get more screen time simply because of the SBS cutting the viewpoint to their location, often overlapping with Early-Bird Cameo.
    • Then we have the New World Masons. Whether they're recurring characters who showed up now and then, one-shot characters, filler characters, or yet-to-be-expanded-upon characters, they're all fleshed out more.

Pacific Rim



  • As Fate Would Have It, a Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 fanfiction, has Yancy, a Secret Character in the original games, become Nate's Love Interest and The Heroine of the story. As the story goes on, she also begins receiving equal amounts of focus, namely relating to her backstory.
  • The Greatest There Was Or Ever Will Be has Giselle. In canon, she was an antagonist who appeared in only one episode and was never mentioned again. Here, she becomes enamored with Ash's training skills, and decides to join him and his friends on his Pokémon journey. Within a few chapters, she's even become his Love Interest.
  • A New Chance Series: Latios and Latias, two legendary Pokemon who played a central role in the 5th movie, join Ash's team for the rest of Johto and then to Hoenn.
    • Bianca, the girl who played a minor role in the 5th Pokemon Movie as well as the girl whom Latias based her human form on becomes a recurring character in the first story in the series, and goes on to join Ash on his journey to Hoenn in the second story.
  • Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Reflecting Balance: Kala the Abra was introduced as a Pokémon working at the Rescue Team HQ, serving the purpose of teleporting rescue teams to far-away dungeons. While this was originally going to be her only role, the writer ended up expanding Kala's role in the story once another character needed someone who could teach them how to use their telepathy to communicate, and Kala happened to be the perfect character for the part.
    • There's also Hercules the Heracross, who had this happen to him before his debut chapter was even written, due to the writer having the idea of making him Blitz's mentor and confidant when she was working on the first few chapters, which ended up promoting him from minor character to major supporting character.
  • Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Silver Resistance: Lily. First she was submitted as a potential character for the prequel, Emerald Chronicles. After that, she starts appearing in the main story, eventually joining the main characters on their quest.
  • Pokémon Reset Bloodlines and its growing Expanded Universe do this a lot. Several characters of the day from the anime, such as A.J. and Jeanette Fisher have become recurring characters in the main story and even starred in their own tie-in one-shots, delving more into their personalities and backgrounds, as well as Anabel becomes a regular travelling companion and future love interest of Ash's.
  • Pokemon Secret Journeys features Angie, a minor character from the Diamond and Pearl anime, as a main character and an eventual love interest to Ash.

Power Rangers

  • They don't exactly become 'main' characters, but in Crimson Rising, when circumstances prompt the Rangers to reacquire the Zeo Crystal and create a new team of Zeo Rangers (the original Zeo team all using new power sources), long-time supporting character Skull is chosen as the new Green Zeo Ranger while former Ninja Storm foes Marah and Kapri are the new Yellow and Pink Zeo Rangers (ex-Rangers Justin and Zack become the new Blue and Red Zeos).

Ranma ½

  • In canon, Natsume and Kurumi only appeared in one OVA. In Ranma Restart: Bid for Freedom, they've become part of Ranma's group, and have just as much screentime as Ukyo and Ranma himself.

Revolutionary Girl Utena

  • Seinen Kakumei Utena has Tokiko and Mrs. Ohtori, Mamiya, Tatsuya, Keiko, Mr. Ohtori and Mr. Kaoru all getting big roles.

Rizzoli & Isles

  • Calamity Jane Meets Doctor Isles features an OC 'ascended extra' in the form of Adelaide Johns, the town seamstress, and the only female company in the village that Jane could tolerate growing up aside from Angela.


  • A Rabbit Among Wolves:
    • The White Fang goons who don't do much but get beat up becoming prominent characters in the story. Ilia Amitola also becomes prominent as Jaune's advisor.
    • Lisa Lavender goes from being a minor reporter character to a prominent role as Jaune's PR person.
  • Ripples: In the original web show, Vernal was simply the decoy for the Spring Maiden. Here she is the adoptive sister of Ruby and Yang and plays a major role from late season 2 onwards.
  • Ruby and Nora: Shay D. Mann is given much more importance than his Butt-Monkey canon self.

Sherlock Holmes

  • The Deliver Us From Evil Series gives a veritable host of Ascended Extras from the Sherlock Holmes Canon. The first novel alone has Inspector Patterson, from one mention in "The Final Problem" to full supporting character status; Wiggins, from two brief scenes in the first two Sherlock Holmes novels to another supporting character; Inspector Lestrade, from recurring character to Deuteragonist (one of the leading points-of-view in the novel); Mary Watson and Mrs. Hudson, from recurring extras to supporting characters. Moriarty and Moran also get a lot of screen-time, and Culverton Smith has a bigger status as the villain for the first quarter of the novel.
    • The Road to Reichenbach is meant to be starring several Scotland Yarders from the Canon, and these characters should maintain their prominent status throughout the rest of the series.
    • To Take Up the Pen, the future third novel in the series, will up the ante further with Colonel Moriarty, a character who receives only one clear mention in the Canon, and Colonel Hayter, a One-Scene Wonder from one of the short stories. Also, Colonel Moran (yes, that's a lot of colonels, but they're all canonical) ascends to Big Bad status as he chases Holmes across Europe and Asia.

Shin Megami Tensei

  • The Second Hand Fool may be a Troll Fic, but it has the Weather Girl from the roof in P4G. In that game, she doesn't even have a name; in the fanfic, she not only gains a name, but she becomes the Sun Social Link for the main character, basically the most important secondary character in the fic. This doesn't mean she becomes a Sue herself; in fact, the author uses her for RP's outside of the fic, and she's basically the Only Sane Man.

A Song of Ice and Fire

  • The Continuation Fic The North Remembers contains most of the familiar POV characters from previous books in the series, but adds in some new ones to give a viewpoint at certain places where no other existing POV could be at.
    • Val for The Wall after Jon Snow's death at the hands of his brothers.
    • Jeyne Westerling for Greywater Watch and eventually White Harbour.
    • Sandor Clegane for the Riverlands and King's Landing where he hopes to kill off his undead brother.
    • Ramsay Bolton for Winterfell after Theon Greyjoy escaped with Jeyne Poole.
    • Willas Tyrell for Highgarden.
  • Robb Returns: Stannis, Jon Arryn, Brynden, Benjen, and Domeric become important POV characters.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Soul Eater

  • Soul Eater: Troubled Souls: After a certain point, Kilik, Ox, Kim, and Crona become pretty much just as important as Maka, Black☆Star, and Kid.

Spyro the Dragon

  • The Portal had Thomas' parents, John and Sarah, only appear in 2 chapters. In the sequel, Hard Choices, they wind up becoming much more prominent characters.

Star Trek

Steven Universe

  • Gift of A Diamond has Carnelian - a character that had only a single line in one episode - ends up becoming Steven’s trainer, helping him learn about his various powers and, with the help of the other zoo quartz, becomes a formidable fighter. She is treated as being like a big sister to Steven, and even accompanies him on his mission to Earth.
  • How I Wonder What You Are features Blue Pearl (Blue Diamond's personal Pearl) much more prominently than the canon series, making her Steven’s mother-figure as the final request of her former master.

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

  • Life Unexpected, a The Suite Life on Deck fic, does this with Reina, who appeared in exactly one episode as the antagonist. Here, she becomes Bailey's best friend and even given a developed backstory making her the child of a Teen Pregnancy. This was the main driving force behind their friendship, as she sympathized was Bailey, who was pregnant.

Super Mario Bros.


  • The Corrupted Innocent;
    • Deanna Campbell only appeared in one episode before being killed off, but here she is brought into the present to become a recurring ally of the Winchesters and basically Bela's official hunting partner.
    • Where Bela's father was just a Posthumous Character who she killed years ago, here he returns as a demon to torment the Winchesters and their allies.
    • In the epilogue, Sarah Blake has married Sam and the two have a one-year-old son.
  • It's All in the Details sees FBI Agent Viktor Henriksen survive his death in canon to become a new hunter.
  • Straight Trade opens with Sam Winchester essentially sacrificing himself to save Jess from her canonical death, prompting Jess to join Dean to get revenge for the man they both loved.

Sword Art Online

  • Blazing Revolution: In the original light novels, Sugou Nobuyuki essentially disappears from the story after his defeat in the Fairy Dance arc. Here, he makes multiple comebacks, first by helping Gabriel Miller in his plot for world domination, and then by kidnapping Ren to use him as bait for a revenge scheme against Kirito.
  • The Kirita Chronicles: In this semi-genderbent Sword Art Online fan fiction, numerous characters in receive this treatment.
    • Argo - In canon, Argo is a female Beta Tester who only appears in one episode of the anime and a few side stories in the Light Novels. In this story, Argo is gender-bent into a male player, and he is a main character. He receives numerous scenes that go into his information broker business.
    • Beta Testers - In canon, there are only a few Beta Testers that are named, but several of the original characters introduced in the story are Beta Testers and have played a role in the story.
    • Coper - He only appears in one chapter of the Light Novel in canon, but he appears in more than one chapter in this story. While he does die in the same fashion in this story, it has been confirmed that his death will provide a Small Role, Big Impact.
    • Griselda - In canon, she never has any lines, but she has appeared in several chapters in this story and has received a few lines, and her relationship with her husband Grimlock is given screentime unlike canon.
    • Kuradeel - In canon, he only appears in two episodes of the anime that take place during 2024, but he is introduced during the first month of the Death Game which is late 2022. His personality and relationships are expanded upon.
    • Sasha - She only appears in three episodes in canon, and her role is minimal at best. In Chapter Six, she is recruited by Argo to become his assistant.
  • SAO: Mother's Reconciliation: Asuna's brother Kouichirou has a far larger role in this fic, whereas he was The Ghost in the original material, with his only role being to let Asuna use his NerveGear to play SAO the day of the launch.

Teen Titans

Total Drama

  • In Cast Swap, Beardo ascends from being the first one eliminated in the canon version of Total Drama Pahkitew Island to becoming a merger in the fic's version of Revenge of the Island and even qualifying for the fic's version of All-Stars.
  • A Codette World Tour: Team Victory becomes this for the story's version of Total Drama World Tour, going from existing purely as early eliminations to being the focus of the story. Bridgette in particular goes from being the third eliminated from the game to the winner of the season.
  • Noah, the Schemer: Noah himself is bumped up to the main protagonist of the season, instead of being eliminated halfway though as he was in canon. This also extends to Tyler and Ezekiel, both of whom get to last longer as a result of Noah's actions.
  • Total Drama Generations: Beardo gets considerably more focus here compared to canon where he only made one appearance in Pahkitew Island.
  • Total Drama: Unfinished Business: Many contestants who received little focus in the canon seasons are given so here, such as Ezekiel, Katie and Sadie, Noah, Eva, and Dawn.
  • Twinning With a Twist: Beardo, who in the original show lasted one episode and was a Flat Character who only made sound effects, is expanded on as a character to the point that he becomes one of Sammy's closest friends.


  • Careful What You Wish For, the sequel to A Different Kind of Moon, focuses on Angela's new life as a Cullen, after Victoria and the turned Mike Newton used her as bait to lure Bella out in Moon and Edward had to turn Angela to save her life.
  • Give Her Some Credit does a subtle version of this to Angela. With the Cullens having left unaware of Bella's pregnancy, Bella has to call Angela for help in injecting herself with the venom samples Alice left behind so that she will survive giving birth. Bella later affirms that Angela is her daughter's godmother, and the sequel, Where Credit is Due, establishes Angela's son as part of a potential love triangle with Renesmee and Jacob.
  • Luminosity diverges from the plot of the Twilight novels radically enough that this is almost a guarantee. One notable example would be Gianna, whom Twilight fans would know as that woman who was in the Volturi's waiting room and whom Luminosity fans would immediately recognize—her brother Ilario gets a role, she's Elspeth's mother, she's Maggie's mate...

The Vampire Diaries

  • Love Bites, So Do I does this with Tina and Blair, two minor characters from one episode who had one line a piece. Although recasted, they are made into the main character's older sisters while Tina dates Damon before having a baby with Matt and Blair is actually a werewolf. Later chapters use Valerie Fell, who has NO lines and appeared for all of 3 seconds at most.

Warhammer 40,000

  • The Legacy of the Blood Ravens expands the roles of characters that are only mentioned or have few lines. Oddly enough, this is even the case for the Force Commander Aramus, who has no lines in the games themselves.

The World Ends with You

  • Eri's Game makes Eri, Shiki's best friend, the main character and narrator of this fanfic.


  • Atonement: Canon Rune was a minor character whose only real traits were being a teenage Empire 88 member and her power. She wasn't even given a civilian name, and certainly didn't join the Wards.
  • Recoil: In canon, Mrs. Knott is a bit-part player. In this story, she gets given a first name (Gladys), a maiden name (Harvey), and goes through JROTC and ROTC with her friend Taylor Snow. This gives her certain skillsets, as well as a good deal more confidence.


  • Mutatis Mutandis: The author mentions that initially Jean-Paul was supposed to be Rogue's snarky best friend and moral compass but realized he was described in a way that did not lend himself to such a role. Thus, Victor (Anole) became the blue oni to Anna's red.


Young Justice

  • Young Justice: Darkness Falls gives us several ascended characters:
    • The Kents both have a minor role in the fic.
    • Jason Todd comes Back from the Dead, and even has a central role in stopping the apocalypse.
    • Beast Boy gets his own character arc and a much larger part in the story overall.
    • Darkseid only appears in the last episode of the show, but in this fic, he takes over as Big Bad as his actions are much more important than anything the light is doing.
    • Wonder Girl wasn't exactly central to the show except as "general muscle". Here, her relationship with Robin is expanded on from the Last Minute Hook Up, and we get to see her in action more.
    • For that matter, the league features much more prominently overall. Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman get back in the spotlight, Zatanna gets some more things to do both alone and in connection to Dr. Fate, Martian Manhunter takes up a role of mentor, and even the green lanterns, perhaps the least seen of the heroes get screen time and action.
    • Namely, Cissie King-Jones. According to Greg Weisman, Cissie's father was saved by Green and Red Arrow back in season 1. Yet in this season, after a small role in a Bad Future last season, she now steps in as the new archer Arrowette with the Titans.
    • Going off the previous fic, Raven goes from a minor character to the backbone of the entire season, as she's a Living MacGuffin.
  • Young Justice Titans continues the trends of Darkness falls, but also includes at least 1 cameo that's ascended.


  • The Princess and the Dragon has Jean Claude, a one-shot character from the "Battle City" arc who dueled Joey over Mai. He is cast as the main villain in this story, teaming up with Yami Marik and Dartz in order to steal the throne of Hermos and marry Mai.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Forever gives us Gozaburo Kaiba, Seto and Mokuba's adopted father. In the original manga he was an extremely minor character who's revealed to be the reason Seto's such a colossal Jerkass, and who's briefly shown as having been Driven to Suicide following a hostile takeover of Kaiba Corporation by Seto. In the anime, his role was expanded upon somewhat in the filler Virtual World arc where he proved to be the Man Behind the Man for his biological son Noah, but even then he was still a relatively minor character compared to the heavier hitters in the non-filler episodes. In this fanfic, however, he gets a significant boost in importance: he's the Big Bad for the entire story, with chessmaster skills that incorporated even the possibility of his defeat in the aforementioned Virtual World arc into his plans, where in the story's timeline he reveals himself to have been Not Quite Dead after all.


  • In Amazing Fantasy, Jirou and Sero become Izuku's first and closest friends at U.A., in contrast to their roles as background characters in the original series.
  • Child of the Storm and its sequel, Ghosts of the Past, have a few examples:
    • Jean-Paul Beaubier is transformed from B-List member of the X-Men, largely famous just because he was one of the first out gay characters in comics, to a charming teenager who affects a harmless, flighty facade, but is in fact pragmatic, ruthless, observant, and with the elevation of his powers to Flash level following chapter 60, arguably the most dangerous of the junior cast (he generally prefers to avoid fights, but when he does fight, he goes to the wall), being one of the good guys, but somewhat more reserved than most.
    • Carol Danvers, both in and out of universe. In-Universe because she starts as a minor supporting character added in chapter 20 on what Word of God admits was a whim, a new teenage muggle friend for Harry, before steadily evolving into a major supporting character and by Ghosts, arguably a fully-fledged Deuteragonist. Out of universe because, while she was added just as her canon counterpart was being pushed by Marvel, she was still relatively obscure.
    • Wanda Maximoff, while a long-standing Avenger in the comics, was still relatively obscure pre Avengers: Age of Ultron when she was introduced to the story. She became an important supporting character, getting far more Character Development than she's generally given in the comics, cast as the former apprentice of Doctor Strange, Harry's godmother (who couldn't take him in because of the large number of Eldritch Abominations she fights on a regular basis), and Hermione Granger's biological mother by John Constantine, who becomes a substitute mother to Harry and an important supporting character.
  • Children of Time, a Sherlock Holmes/Doctor Who Crossover, features Sally Sparrow, the heroine of "Blink" in a prominent role. After the series' AU of "Blink", she marries Dr. Watson (her co-star in said AU) and becomes the Cool Big Sis to Beth Lestrade as well as the Team Mom to the Irregulars. And that's not even mentioning the baby...!
  • Code Prime - R1: Rebellion does this for several characters:
    • Shirley Fenette, originally a supporting character, becomes a part of the main cast when she decides to join the Autobots and the Black Knights in Chapter 20. The author has also made it clear that he does not plan to kill off Shirley at all.
    • While Euphemia was given a prominent role in Season 1 of Code Geass before dying, she will be given more focus due to the author sparing her as well with Shirley.
    • Tatewaki Katase, leader of the Japan Liberation Front who was killed off near the first half of Season 1, survives the Battle of Port Yokosuka and joins the Black Knights, along with the rest of the JLF.
    • The author intends to do this as well for Nonette Enneagram and Monica Krushevsky.
    • Kallen's mother is also given more of a role as well as a supporting character.
    • As opposed to being killed off a few seconds after making her debut, Knight of Four Dorothea Ernst receives more focus as well.
    • At the end of R1, Milly, Rivalz and Nina all join the Black Knights.
  • Comic Book SNAFU:
    • Aki Izayoi was a major supporting character who was infamously Demoted to Extra in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's. She is one of the most prominent characters in Comic Book SNAFU.
    • Gajeel Redfox also goes from a major supporting character in his home series to a central hero in SNAFU.
    • Crossfire, Hawkeye's infrequently-appearing nemesis, is one of the main villains here, and leads other major villains like Baron Zemo and Bane.
  • Death Note Equestria has Straw Bolt — originally created for filler dialogue, he becomes a POV character.
  • In Doctor In The Underworld, from the perspective of Underworld fans, Erika goes from being the servant trying to win Kraven’s affection to an ally in Selene’s efforts and a love interest for the Doctor, to the extent that once the crisis is over, Selene makes Reinette a shareholder in Ziodex so that she has access to money for later even as Reinette starts travelling with the Doctor.
  • Equal & Opposite Attraction has Arisa and Suzuka, originally Those Two Guys from Nanoha. Now they are taking magic lessons from Negi.
  • The Equestrian Wind Mage: Both Nigellas the Wizzrobe and Maulgrim the Darknut, who the author only intended to appear once in the first season. But then they became so popular with the fanbase that the author began to include them in more escapades, eventually making them solid secondary characters.
  • The Fanmake Blooper Series has this twofold with Van Helsing. The first fold is that the role he had in a Sleeping Beauty Film Fic was a nameless guard, but decided to bump his significance up by shooting Queen Chrysalis (who was playing Maleficent) and the second fold because from there, he turned from a guy who did one action and only said one line to becoming the closest thing any of the main characters has to The Mentor as well as a recurring character for the rest of the series.
  • Guardians, Wizards, and Kung-Fu Fighters has several examples, from both Jackie Chan Adventures and W.I.T.C.H.:
    • On the W.I.T.C.H. show, Lothar was an incredibly minor character who only had a couple of speaking appearances. Here, he has a significantly larger role, serving as a major POV character among the antagonists.
    • The Mantis Khan barely showed up at the end of JCA's fourth season's Story Arc. They're given much more to do here, effectively serving as the Dark Hand's Elite Mooks.
    • Alchemy, little better than a bit character in the source material, discovers W.I.T.C.H.'s secrets alongside Matt.
  • Hunter: In this Worm x Bloodborne crossover fic, Taylor's interactions with the characters have expanded their roles, such as Djura helping her develop a weapon capable of killing Hookwolf using his knowledge as a former member of the Powder Kegs.
  • The Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Stargate SG-1/Battlestar Galactica (2003) crossover An Extraordinary Journey features a few of these, with the most notable being Major Lauren Satterfield of Stargate Command; after she is promoted to SG-2, Satterfield participates in the initial mission to Kobol, where she witnesses the Cylons and acts as translator when Sharon requests asylum to escape her treatment by Admiral Cain. Other characters speculate that the reason for Satterfield's resemblance to the Eights is that a distant ancestor of hers was abducted from Earth as part of the experiment that led to the creation of Kobol, with the result that the Eights are based on the genetic template of that descendant, giving Satterfield a particularly personal stake in the conflict as she simultaneously gives Sharon a friendly face and is unnerved at the notion that machines with her face took part in a near-genocide.
  • Infinity Train: Blossoming Trail is a crossover between Pokémon and Infinity Train that puts the focus on Chloe Cerise, who is an Advertised Extra in Pokémon: Journeys. Only having enough focus episodes you can count on one hand, the story is all about her insecurities and doubts in being a loner in a world where not only everyone loves Pokémon but everyone expects her to love them too before she's whisked away onto the titular Train and ends up reinventing herself. Ash and Goh are given minor roles as they come to terms on how little they know about her and how they were key to why she ran away.
    • Her father, Professor Cerise, was only there to just point Ash and Goh to wherever they needed to be for an episode's plot and he has little to no screen time or connection to his daughter (this was written before Episode 31 of Journeys showed him encouraging Chloe). Here, he's realizing how oblivious he was to his daughter's problems but — since this was written before episode 31 aired — he is shown being in denial over his role in his daughter's vanishing, pointing the finger at other people and refusing to believe that his daughter has such macabre tastes.
    • Talia Cerise's role is of the mother who gives Chloe very good advice, whereas she's also caught in the whirlwind of what has happened to her daughter.
    • Parker Cerise is essentially a lesser Max in the anime with no other traits on him. Here, he also shared in Chloe's love of the macabre and is shown to be the wisest character in the Pokémon world in regards to his sister's struggles.
  • J-WITCH Season 1: Alchemy was a Bit Character in the first season of the W.I.T.C.H. cartoon (and to a slightly lesser extent in the second season). In this fic, she gets more minor appearances and lines before she eventually learns about the Guardians and the Chan Clan's magic adventures, even taking part in them.
  • In Justice League: The Spider, this arguably applies to Spider-Man from the perspective of most people in his new world; having been transferred from the Ultimate Marvel universe to the DC Animated Universe, he landed by sheer chance in the middle of the Justice League's conference table as the original seven were planning to expand the League. As a result, they helped Peter establish a life in his new universe and officially offered him membership before their mass recruitment drive, leaving quite a few people wondering how they’ve never heard of this new hero who has the trust of some of the world’s most powerful individuals.
  • In "Martian Manhunter", when Veronica Mars and her supporting cast become part of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Veronica's first major impact on events is when she saves Sheila, a troubled girl who was killed by Spike in his first appearance, with Sheila going on to become a practicing witch and a loyal ally to Veronica.
  • The Moon's Flash Princess:
  • Hisashi Midoriya gets this treatment in Neither a Bird nor a Plane, it's Deku!. In My Hero Academia, he's The Ghost, having been mentioned exactly once in-story and never making an on-screen appearance in over 190 chapters due to working overseas. Here, he's significantly more involved in Izuku's life, coming home once or twice a month as his job allows and speaking with his wife over the phone when Izuku is diagnosed as Quirkless. He also rushes to his defense when police officers come to interrogate him at the hospital after Izuku's disastrous brawl with Katsuki. On top of all this, he's stated to be a nuclear physicist working on projects that could change the world, using his connections to forge Izuku's adoption papers. He's also one-half of the superhero Firestorm.
  • The Ninth Fantasy - Gaia and The Ninth Fantasy - Equestria has Deathguise. In Final Fantasy IX, he's just some monster Kuja summons to fight the party. Here, however, he's a major villain, although he hasn't had much in the way of appearances yet.
  • NoHoper: In this Death Note and The House of Night Crossover, Kayla becomes a proper character again. Also Yamamoto - Light's friend from school who appears in a few pages of the manga and doesn't appear in the anime - is one of the few other characters that makes a showing from Death Note canon. As for from The House of Night canon, Drew Partain - who'd only gotten a couple of mentions as Stevie Rae's maybe boyfriend in the books - and 'Amanda', who only ever had one mention in the first book.
  • The Reactsverse contains several examples of these.
    • Weiss Reacts: Team CRDL is given more characterisation than 'generic Jerk Jock bullies' and team CFVY are given quirks and personalities. Later, Winter, Weiss' older sister, becomes a recurring character. Original Character Professor Faust herself was only an off-hand mention before she shot up in popularity due to her antics in The Diary of Glynda Goodwitch and Weiss Reacts revealing her crush on the freaking The Slender Man.
    • Lucina Reacts: Kellam, while not exactly an extra, lacked any story significance in canon. In the story, however, he becomes The Ace and the right-hand man to Robin in stopping the antics of the Justice Cabal. Similarly, the Village Maiden - Chrom's default wife should he not marry any of his potential love interests - is given the name of Gerda and runs a tavern in Ylisstol.
  • Slightly Altered has Samantha Kailum and Toby, who barely get any screen time in canon, promoted to ¡Three Amigos! status with Buwaro.
  • Sonic Generations: Friendship Is Timeless : Several characters that were hardly featured in the original game play important roles, such as Big, Chaos, Tikal and Omega in chapter 10 and Marine in chapter 14.
  • Super Milestone Wars: The Supetastic 6 were just in an animated special of the same name in The Naked Brothers Band. Here, they're recurring characters with Captain Music as the Supporting Leader. In its sequel, they're the main protagonists.
  • Tales of Bleach: Unreal Society: Not only does Virginia, Raine and Genis' mother, get her memories back she is later revealed in the sequel Return of the Samurai as the Emerald Witch of Ymir, an actual folklore hero. She also assists in rescuing Regal from Brute and against Talbumosuke's forces in Blades of Destiny.
  • Tangled Adventures in Arendelle has several.
    • Since the first 8 chapters write around the plot of Frozen from the Tangled cast's POV, Kai and Gerda (the family servants/majordomos) get a bit more of a role since they're the ones helping out around the castle during the big freeze/blizzard brought on by Elsa. They also act as the storytellers to Rapunzel and Eugene, telling the story of Elsa and Anna's childhood, and Kai gets to help out with Elsa's PR runs as well.
    • The woman who screamed, "It's Alive!" off-screen on seeing Olaf not only gets a name (Rose Caumont), but also a family and a connection to the supporting cast (she's Oaken's younger sister).
  • Thieves Can Be Heroes!, a My Hero Academia / Persona 5 crossover with Izuku in place of the game's protagonist:
    • Following her recovery, Shiho joins Mishima in setting up the Phan-Site and shares his role as Izuku's Moon Confidant.
    • Compared to the canon game's protagonist's parents, Inko Midoriya remains very active in her son's life during his probation.
  • A Triangle in the Stars:
    • All of Bill's friends get more attention and are fleshed out more albeit with the authors' interpretations of their characters. Kryptos and Hectorgon especially, since they're said to have been Bill's friends years ago, long before the rest, and had been spared from dying in their dimension when the fated day came.
    • Lapis also counts, since she has a lot more screentime to allow for her full personality to shine, and also details what happened between her and Jasper when she was captured in Chapter Forty.
  • The Tree of Liberty makes Cray, who's just the head Peacekeeper of District Twelve in canon, the leader of a group known as the 'Knights of Destiny', who have guarded the communication stones needed to get in touch with Destiny for eight hundred years until they found people they believed would be worthy to get in touch with the ship.
  • In Twice Chosen, "Foxface", never named in the book or film adaptations of The Hunger Games, joins Katniss, Peeta, Thresh, Glimmer and Rue to become Power Rangers, and is named Olivia (although she prefers 'Liv', as in "livewire").


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