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  • Stuart Ashen's "Poundland Special", when it first began in 2009, began as being mostly items from Poundland, but has grown to include items from Poundworld and 99p stores, to the point that most of the tat in the newer "Poundland Special" videos is no longer from Poundland. Lampshaded in "Poundland Special 3", where he states "We're really stretching the use of the word 'special'", and in "Poundland Special: Loom Band Pregnancy Wig", where he states "...where every item costs one pound and came from Poundland, except most of the items which didn't come from Poundland, but came from 99p stores, or Poundworld, or in fact, possibly another place where everything costs a pound".
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  • Barely Political is actually an inversion. Back when it became popular in 2007, it made nothing but political videos in time for the 2008 election season. Now it's become a Meaningful Name, as most of its videos are The Key of Awesome parody videos. And, finally, in 2015, they changed the name of their channel to Barely Productions, lampshading this trope.
  • Dross Rotzank is the name of an Internet persona created by Ángel David Revilla principally to review videogames. He has kept that name for his accounts although he has long discontinued the use of that persona in favor of his horror videos.
  • That Guy with the Glasses started out as a website where internet comedian/reviewer Doug Walker uploaded all of his videos before other content-creators started contributing to the site. Eventually, the group was moved to the Channel Awesome website, which was more inclusive of all the creators rather than focusing so much on Doug's work.
    • His main series The Nostalgia Critic originally focused on "nostalgic" movies and television shows from The '80s, The '90s, and later the early 2000s (hence the title). Since the revival of the series, the date limit has been removed and the show has become more of a general review show, though still with a bent on relatively "older" films up to at least the mid-2000s, and reboots and adaptations of nostalgic properties.
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    • Disneycember started in 2011 as a retrospective of the 2D Disney animated films. In 2012 this became a retrospective of the 3D animated films (mostly Pixar, a studio that was not actually a part of Disney until Ratatouille) and in 2013 many of Disney's live-action films. After that, the films talked about became less relevant to Disney:
      • Disneycember 2014 covered the Studio Ghibli films, which were distributed and dubbed by Disney in the USA. Many of these were dubbed years after their Japanese release (sometimes after they had already been dubbed and released by someone else), and outside of the USA weren't released by Disney at all (although usually other English territories use Disney's dubs). Doug even reviews a couple Ghilbli films that weren't even released by Disney.
      • Disneycember 2015 covered franchises owned by Disney, namely the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Star Wars, with 12 of the videos covering films/editions that happened to be bought by Disney later on (a bit of an Enforced Trope when talking about those franchises in detail).
      • Disneycember 2016 thankfully subverted this by showing Disney's Direct-to-Video sequels.
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  • Text riff series I Can't Believe It's Not AVGN! started out with bad AVGN clones (notably The Irate Gamer, Game Dude and NC 17 Productions) but expanded to just bad video game reviews in general. The title stayed.
  • Pie Guy Rulz had nothing to do with pie until he spent the week of March 14th (Pi Day) reviewing pie-themed episodes of cartoons.
  • Played for Laughs in Girl-Chan in Paradise by Egoraptor, which barely features its eponymous character. Even when the characters are standing in a group shot, don't expect to see her anywhere in sight. In the ending theme sequence, she's the last of the floating head lineup to appear. Yusuke even goes so far as to say implicitly that she's worthless and to tell her to shut up when she gives her one line for the entire episode.
  • The name "lonelygirl15" made a lot more sense when it was a girl in her bedroom talking to a webcam. Especially after they killed off the title character.
  • Look a Vlog isn't a vlog at all anymore.
  • The Happy Video Game Nerd was originally named as such as he was a parody/inversion of The Angry Video Game Nerd, reviewing underrated retro games with a positive, if overenthusiastic tone. Nowadays, he also includes modern games and more mainstream titles, and has done away with the "happy" in favor of more natural and objective tone.
    • As of December 2014, Derek had dropped the "Happy Video Game Nerd" moniker, now goes by "Stop Skeletons From Fighting".
  • How It Should Have Ended started off showing parody alternate endings of movies. The focus has since expanded to more general movie parodies, featuring scenes from much earlier in the movie and sometimes not even touching the ending at all.
  • Retsupurae is an Engrish pronunciation of the words Let's Play, referring to what they originally made fun of.
  • pokecapn's name — he has never discussed Pokémon at large in his videos. As he himself puts it, "things change in 12 years, but screen names are forever".
  • Marble Hornets. The eponymous student film arc has been over since about entry #20. It gained prominence again in roughly entry #53, but considering where the plot has gone, this is likely a temporary thing.
  • Red vs. Blue:
    • The title was named after the battle between the two main groups, the Reds and Blues, which was an important part of the story. Since Season 3 or so, the plot has had almost nothing to do with said conflict, and the Reds and Blue eventually became True Companions due to being forced to fight on the same side.
    • The original subtitle for Seasons 1-5, Blood Gulch Chronicles, was inappropriate for Season 4 due to the large amount of time the show took place outside of Blood Gulch canyon. Averted from Season 6 onward, which use different subtitles that fit the story.
  • Rooster Teeth's Achievement Horse series hasn't involved any actual games of Horse in a long time, the competitors usually opting to play shorter games of Pig.
  • Rooster Teeth's Achievement Hunter was originally supposed to be how to guides in gaining Achievements for certain games. However, their Let's Plays have greatly overshadowed this original intent.
  • Stupid Mario Brothers was originally a nonsensical comedy with no real plot. It was mostly just characters from Nintendo games in the real world while engaging in slice-of-life activities. When they decided to add more elaborate story arcs, the show became a lot more dramatic and less "stupid".
  • MinutePhysics originally had physics videos 1 minute in length each, but now, the videos are usually 4-7 minutes long.
  • Sort of subverted by Who Wants To Be An Alienaire. The show was originally hosted by an alien. But when Alien Man left the show, Kevin (a human) replaced him. Therefore, the show started going by two names: Alienaire and Basicaneer.
  • HankGames, since June 2014, no longer features Hank Green whatsoever. It is now exclusively his brother, John, playing FIFA, while Hank has moved to GamesWithHank.
    • Even when Hank WAS still uploading videos to the channel, the John videos outnumbered Hank's around 2:1.
  • The Most Stupid Deaths In Super Mario 64 was, at first, about Mario dying (couldn't have guessed that, could you have?) But later episodes kill Mario rarely, instead focusing on his antics and strange adventures.
  • Fallout Lore: The Storyteller was originally just a documentary series about events in the Fallout franchise backstory. Now it's about the guy who's telling the stories almost, if not more so, than the stories themselves.
  • Allison Pregler's side-series Manic Episodes started out with the purpose of reviewing weird (and usually not very good) episodes of TV shows.. However focus shifted to reviewing whole series of genre TV shows (most notably She-Wolf of London and Charmed) rather than individual episodes. Subverted after its initial ending though, as on the occasion that Allison brings it back, it's back to the original premise.
  • Foldy, the puppet from Folding Ideas, hasn't been seen much in the last few years, with Dan Olson delivering content in-person rather than through Foldy.
  • Originally the idea behind Unskippable was to make fun of actual unskippable video game cutscenes, but they now mock skippable cutscenes as well, and even not-particularly-interactive first-person sequences. This is usually Lampshaded, such as in the Quantum of Solace episode, and the Left 4 Dead episode.
  • Two Best Friends Play used to refer to Pat and Matt as the only two hosts, but the cast has expanded significantly over time.

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