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  • The BBC Radio 4 Extra sci-fi slot is called The Seventh Dimension, which was originally a play on the channel being BBC 7. The name of the channel was changed in 2011, but the name of the slot remains.
  • The Ricky Gervais Show: Ricky himself admits that the show evolved into "Karl says something MENTAL".
  • When KROQ dropped the idea of its yearly holiday music festivals being acoustic concerts, it changed the name from KROQ Acoustic Christmas to KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas. The shows are now no more acoustic than any other concert.
  • Dallas-area DJ Kidd Kraddick died in July 2013, but the supporting cast of Kidd Kraddick in the Morning continue to bear the title without the original star of the show.
  • The British radio station Hallam FM, which has expanded beyond the village of Hallam of Sheffield.
  • BBC Radio 4's Friday Night Comedy hour had a series in the run-up prior to the UK's 2010 General Election. The shows, presented on Mondays through Wednesdays, were still considered a part of the Friday Night Comedy hour. Lampshaded by the announcer saying that they were, confusingly, broadcast on Monday (or Tuesday or Wednesday) night.
  • Radio stations often change their call letters upon changing format and/or branding. Some radio stations have retained the call letters of a previous format, or in some cases owner. For example, WABC used to be owned by ABC but is currently owned by Citadel Broadcasting, and its Chicago sister WLS was founded by Sears, the World's Largest Store. But WGNA in Albany NY has them beat, as its call letters stand for a branding and format that has never been used on the station: Its original owner intended for it to be an FM sister to his religious station, with the call letters standing for Good News Albany. But it's been on air since day one as a country station, as the owner died and his family overturned his plans.