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  • Batmetal Returns involved Aquaman getting tortured the following ways while under the first chorus of "Murmaider": Ariel was bashing his head with Flounder, Plankton was drilling his forcefully clamped tongue, Spongebob was lighting a blowtorch up his ass... and Squidward was playing the clarinet into his ear.
  • In Bowser's Kingdom episode 666, Jeff tries to warn Hal about the Zombies by describing what makes them dangerous. Hal is aloof to what Jeff is saying, but Jeff says they called Hal gay. Hal is indignant and the two set off on a zombie hunt.
    Jeff: There's a bunch of dead guys walking around eating people.
    Hal: So?
    Jeff: They're eating them alive!
    Hal: So?
    Jeff: And then they turn into more of them!
    Hal: So?
    Jeff: I heard them call you gay...
    Hal: Ohhh, they gotta die!
    Jeff: Yeah, let's go on a zombie hunt!
  • Homestar Runner:
    • In the Strong Bad Email "caffeine", Strong Bad describes Strong Sad on the final stages of a caffeine high as becoming "erratic, violent, and really funny to watch."
    • In the e-mail "virus", Strong Bad's computer is so riddled with viruses to the point that it warps reality around it. He runs the computer's anti-virus program to find a ridiculous number of viruses. This causes him to freak out. The computer BSOD's on him, with the message "Computer Over. Virus = Very Yes", to which he shouts, "That's not a good prize!" But when the monitor dissolves into a blue liquid and splashes onto the floor, Strong Bad says, "...aaaand the Compy just peed the carpet" in a deadpan fashion.
    • In the "myths & legends" e-mail, Strong-Badian fence etchings recorded the Bear Holding a Shark's involvement in "destroyed crops, stolen babies and family bike rides... or family pie-sitting contests."
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    • In "unnatural", Strong Bad shouts out a string of possible explanations for where a giant version of Bubs has come from: "It's a giant Bubs from outer space! Or... mutated by radiation! Or... from the depths of the ocean! Or... flushed down the toilet!"
  • Lucky Day Forever: White society media seems to be comprised largely of pornography, sexually suggestive commercials, and bland pop T.V. shows.
  • PONY.MOV: MAGIC.MOV: "Crush. Kill. Destroy. Swag." It even made its way into Bronycon.
  • Red vs. Blue:
    • The villainous O'Malley goes "I need that computer to compile my evil formulas, and to rebuild the weather machine. Also to download music! Wuhuhahahaha!""
    • When Simmons temporarily defects to the Blue Team, Sarge says "Simmons, I can understand your going crazy and seein' imaginary tanks! ('The tank is right there for the love of God.') And I can obviously understand why you'd wanna attack your own base. But painting yourself blue? Dear God man, doncha have any shame at all?"
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    • As the soldiers try insulting Epsilon-Church to make him angry enough do the 'laserface' again, it goes "you're ugly and nobody likes you", "you're annoying and your team sucks" and "you're round and can't wear pants." And yet the last one manages to get Church downright depressed.
    • When Dr. Grey decides to commit Insurance Fraud by exaggerating on Agent Washington's medical condition, she puts him as "de-armed, castrated and generally bothered in the line of duty".
  • In Sonic for Hire episode "The Battle: Part 2", Mario wants to kill Sonic for ruining his business, let Luigi getting killed by a bus , and programing his DVR to record Bachelor Pad three different times. Tails did that last one.
  • In Underpants, an Undertale parody, In the True ending, when the monsters see the surface, they see war, disasters, pollution, Donald Trump, and the Undertale fandom.
  • Zero Punctuation:
    • On Batman: Arkham Asylum: "I could go on about how the combat flows, and how the atmosphere is solid, and how the highlights for me were the Scarecrow sections where Batman's perceptions of reality askew in favor of a nightmarish and respectively delusional glimpse into the darkest pretenses of his soul, and how jumping on people is cool"
    • From a recap on Wet: "Which played like mixing every bad idea from the past ten years in a blender then drinking it from a pouch fashioned from a hollowed out ball-sack. Soundtrack was good, though."
    • From his review of Saints Row IV, complaining about Australian censorship of the game: "Wouldn't want people to mimic irresponsible behavior like shooting fire out of their bare hands, or leaping twelve stories into the air, or going into politics."
    • In his review of Layers of Fear, Yahtzee picks up on the hints of a wife and child in the protagonist's backstory and, given that this is an Ontological Mystery horror game, guesses "You probably murdered them, or ate them, or strapped them to the couch and forced them to watch televised snooker until they lost the ability to reason."
  • Llamas with Hats:
    • From the maker of Charlie the Unicorn,:
      Paul: Carl, I watched you fire a harpoon into the captain's face!
      Carl: That sounds dangerous!
      Paul: You were headbutting children off the side of the ship!
      Carl: That, uh, that must have been horrifying to watch.
      Paul: And then you started making out with the ice sculptures!
      Carl: Thank God that the children weren't on board to see it!
    • With the fourth episode the openings themselves become an example. The first begins with Paul finding a dead human in their house, the second with Carl sinking a cruise-ship, the third with Carl overthrowing a South-American Government, and in the fourth... He drags mud all over the carpet. It Got Worse.
    • Sort of a reverse example, from another of his videos, "Ferrets", in which two ferrets are talking in a valley. The one on the left, Harold exclaims how sad he is, so the other one on the right insists that whenever he's feeling down, he sings about things that make him happy. He then breaks into song, and starts listing off happy things to make Harold happy. The first things he sings are okay, like "the feel of a dollar bill", but the song quickly gets dark, when he starts singing about "the fresh smell of blood", and "touching Harold inappropriately while he sleeps".
  • Starbarians Episode 1.5 has the protagonists being wanted for "coercion, extortion, extinctions, distortions, desertions, perversions, illegal insertions, invasions of nations and space tax evasion, commotions, explosions, and loitering."


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