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Arson Murder And Jaywalking / Tabletop Games

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  • A priest/lawyer addressing the famous Rogue-Mage Raz in a trial:
    Inquisitor: You...are the worst of all... Your crimes are the stuff of nightmares to all decent folk and just ways! YOU ARE AN ABOMINATION UPON LIFE AND DECENCY!!! VANDALISM, BANDITRY, SPYING, PIRACY, ABDUCTION, ILLEGAL USE OF MAGICAL ENERGIES, LOITERING, RESISTING ARREST, and worst of all.... tax evasion. WHAT HAVE YOU TO SAY FOR YOUR HERESY?
    • That last one is actually pretty serious. What do you think all those rebellions over moonshine are for?
  • Birthright Campaign: The Official Playtest Notes:
    Then a terrible natural cataclysm struck Temple X in Duerlin; the earth belched fire, the skies vomited hail, and the crocus did not bloom.
  • In Mage: The Awakening, Hallows (places of natural magical power) can be tainted by foul magic, violence, and other negative influences, with the side-effect that:
    Tainted Hallows radiate poisonous magic into the surrounding countryside, curdling milk, blighting crops, sickening animals and children, attracting ghosts and corrupt spirits, and ruining television reception.
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  • The old Ghostbusters RPG from West End Games has this in the intro to the Training Manual: "To be a Ghostbuster, you gotta face unimaginable horrors — horrors which threaten life, sanity, happiness, the very fabric of the universe — and even your profit margin."
  • Psionics: The Next Stage in Human Evolution gives us a character who is deeply upset about being the only person in her group with no psionic powers, being kidnapped, not being able to contact her family, living in a drug den, and having to hang out with people that are kind of jerks...
  • In a post by Word of God detailing what Erandis Vol of Eberron with her (immortal) time (and why she isn't a higher level than 17): "What is she doing in those six centuries? Managing her vast network of underlings. Studying archaeological tomes for reference to the Qabalrin Codex. Knitting."
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  • One Exalted writer quote listed the scale of damnation, as "how disturbing the Unconquered Sun finds you", to go the Maidens -> Luna -> Raksha -> People Dressed As Cupcakes -> Yozis -> Neverborn.
  • In Magic: The Gathering the card Balshan Collaborator has the flavor text: Power, gold, crackers - every bird has its price.
  • The Pathfinder book Occult Mysteries begins with a letter from a scholar encouraging his peers to remove some of the more dangerous books in their collection from circulation. Some of these he believes to contain coded messages, sinister magic, actually be intelligent, and in one case might in fact be a bear that underwent a Baleful Polymorph. And one, entitled The Romance of the Cooper and the Hen Handler he wants removed because it "is simply terrible".
  • In the Glass-Maker's Dragon campaign for Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine, Chuubo's first arc involves being haunted by the Dream-Witch, stalked by creatures of the Outside, and forced to learn self-discipline. Italics are taken directly from the book.
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  • Dungeons & Dragons has the Inevitables, six models of constructs that uphold the Laws of the multiverse. They relentlessly hunt down individuals that do such heinous acts as escaping justice, break an oath, seek immortality by unnatural means (or killing lots of people to avoid death), ascend to godhood (or try to kill a god), mess with the integrity of spacetime. The sixth one gets really mad if you try to irrigate a desert.
  • In Pokemon Tabletop Adventures, Martial Artists players can become Athletes, Aura Users, Black Belts, Dirty Fighters, Ninjas, Weapons Masters... and Massage Therapists.


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